Young Fan Had A Must-See Kevin Durant Meeting


Kevin Durant and God Shammgod attend "NYC Point Gods" premiere at Midnight Theatre on July 26, 2022 in New York City.
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)


Some people say that Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets has never been loyal to the teams he’s played for but no one can say he isn’t loyal to his fans.

The superstar is the first to attack haters online, especially on Twitter, but he is also the first to make a young follower’s day.

And when you’re Durant, even the smallest gesture can be literally life-changing for some people.

This was on full display the other day as Durant was spotted on the streets of New York.

A young fan approached Durant and the NBA phenom gave the kid a simple handshake.

Just touching KD made the child and his friends go wild with excitement and awe.

“I’m not washing this hand for a month,” Durant’s fan said and he seemed completely sincere about that.

The kid has every right to be elated, especially since New Yorkers might not get many more chances to see Durant.


Bye Bye, Brooklyn?

We still don’t know where things stand for Durant and his desire to be traded from the Nets.

It has now been weeks since news of him demanding to leave was leaked and yet no progress has been made with any other team in the league.

The latest rumors say that the Miami Heat could maybe, possibly put something together to acquire Durant but even that is a long shot because the Nets are not eager to hear any deal unless it’s a true blockbuster.

In other words, Durant might be back in Brooklyn when the new season begins.

Or maybe something will come together in the last moments and he will head to Miami or somewhere else in the NBA.

We don’t know what Durant’s future holds but everyone is paying close attention.

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