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By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Pampers | #ItTakes2 | #BaapBannaPadtaHai

#ItTakes2 registers another memorable film here, rooted in the truth that dads don’t spend enough time with their babies. The plot of a young man who becomes a father, and his hospitalised father regretting not spending time with him when he was an infant, is riveting. The warm feeling the film leaves you with ought to give men a sense of what they would be missing. Equal relationships, equal marriages and sharing the load with domestic chores are relatively easier to achieve than equal parenting for newborns. It will take more communication like this to bring about change.      

Gillette | Engineering Change, Shaving Stereotypes

‘The best a man can be’ was an idea whose time had come when it landed. Here it finds yet another manifestation as does ‘Shaving stereotypes’. The filmmaking here elevates the story, giving the protagonist the podium he deserves and the viewer a delightful experience. The narration, from the point of view of the protagonist, adds to the film.  

Kurkure | Ab Laga Masala | Chatpata Cheese

A fantastic set of performances back a brilliantly wicked laugh riot in this spot. The product proposition of international cheese + desi masala finds form in the characters and the plot. The humour is executed to perfection. Hits the spot in terms of entertainment and engagement.   

Dell | Ascend | For Those Who Never Give Up 

Evocative film that celebrates start-ups and their founders who don’t give up makes the case for the brand that enables them along the way. The soundtrack and the filming, with the right pauses and crests, add to the viewing experience. The smaller stories within the film are varied and gripping and each one could be an individual’s favourite. Mine was the telemedicine gig. 

Dulux | Parul Aur Painter | A Love Story 

Humour done right, works. Here’s proof. Another case of how to make a category interesting. The retro effect is an added bonus.  

Apna | Kaam Aayega 

Why would you seek recommendations from all and sundry for a job, travel for hours on end to get to work and back, or explore unverified jobs like MLM schemes, when you can pick a job of your choice through an app? Nice pitches rooted in truths, well made too. Hope the app lives up to its promise/s.  

Anand Rathi Investment Services | Sahi Investment Ki Baat 

The financial services category has seen some interesting work that veers way off the beaten track, thanks in good part to fintech players. A good old investment firm has taken the rap route here, to educate the new crop on getting the right advice. Well, the work will certainly get noticed and so will the brand. Hopefully, the message will stick too.

ClearTax | Kal Nahin Karte Hain 

The procrastinator as the protagonist delivers the message delightfully for the brand. The films are also rooted in the relatable truth of putting off filing of returns till the last minute. It makes immense sense for the category to try and get people to act before the 11th hour, thus reducing the pressure on the entire trade at the last minute.  

Infosys | Embrace With Pride

There will be mixed views on this one. My take is that the corporate brand has taken a stance in urging people to embrace themselves as they are, and others for who they are. The nuanced depiction of trying to imprint an identity right from childhood deserves applause. Asking people to embrace similarities and differences, Infosys makes an emphatic statement that should make its employees proud.

Yes Bank | Karo Har Khwaish Puri

Taking the humour route to sell its loan products in Yes Bank. It’s a little over the top and that helps. The lead character fits the funny bill perfectly. 

Canara HSBC Life | Promises Ka Partner 

Positioning itself as a partner who helps you keep your promises to loved ones is a winner. Even if the larger thought has been explored before in the category, the storylines and executions come across as fresh.    

KFC | Popcorn Nachos | Snack Nahin, Drama

Karan Johar and the female lead (forgive me for living under a rock) do the dramatisation to perfection, in line with the promise of the dramatic new dish. The dish manages to take centre stage amid the drama, with the mascot in tow.  

Delhivery | Whatever | Wherever 

Wherever the delivery, and whatever needs to be delivered, Delhivery is your solution. Messages delivered.

AU Bank | LIT Credit Card | Isn’t That Lit

Great way to show that you get to choose the features on the card and only need to pay for what you choose. These indeed seem to be unique to the product and they are highlighted interestingly. In the world of financial products and especially credit cards, one hopes they don’t ruffle too many people with lofty promises and a conflicting reality.

Tally | Aap Se Bane Hum 

We have seen the approach of one transaction and how that impacts the entire ecosystem around it. Yet, Tally seems to have hit the refresh button well on that idea with this inspiring film.  

Fittr | Koshish | Become Who You Were Born To Be

Talking of inspiring, here is some real inspiration. Perfect fit for a fitness brand. The raw intensity comes alive on screen. The theme of ‘Koshish’ resonates. 

Eat Sure | Foodcourt On An App

An entire foodcourt on one app is the promise. How is that communicated? With a bevy of people with varied food choices wanting to order online. Enter Eat Sure. Simple and straightforward, but keeps you interested in the way it has been made. A use case, if you will, that makes the case well.          

Zippo | Live With Confidence 

When you can’t advertise for cigarettes, should advertising for lighters be allowed? Isn’t there an indirect category promotion here? Well, if you can advertise for packaged drinking water that shares the name of a liquor brand during Indian cricket matches, using a loophole or two deliberately drilled into the rules on surrogate advertising at the behest of alcohol lobbies, then why not advertise lighters on digital media? After all, there is no rule against it. Or is there?

Irrespective, this is a strong position that the brand has taken, sparking thought on several issues that matter. And the film has been created well. Each of the characters is strongly etched and their situations resonate. Somehow, the description ‘Zippo sparks a new beginning…’ on YouTube comes across as more  apt than the tagline ‘Life with confidence’. Or is it just me? 

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