What’s The Deal With Robbie Anderson In Carolina?

Robby Anderson #11 of the Carolina Panthers warms up prior to their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Bank of America Stadium on November 15, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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The past 48 hours have been interesting for the Carolina Panthers.

In what started with a tweet from receiver Robbie Anderson.

In his now deleted tweet, he mentioned he was thinking about walking away from football.

The move not only shocked NFL fans but also angered Panthers fans.

It also had some fans speculating that Sam Darnold was the reason for him wanting to retire.

However, Anderson has yet to say why he tweeted he wanted to retire.

But there is a reason why fans put blame on Darnold for this disaster.


Darnold And Anderson Have Been Teammates Since The Two Were In New York

While Darnold came to Carolina last year, Anderson was playing with him during his rookie season in New York.

The Jets signed the 29-year-old receiver back in 2016, and Carolina only signed him back in 2020.

While he had a good year in his first season with Carolina, his performance suffered after Darnold came aboard in 2021.

He also saw declining numbers once Darnold came to New York.

After he posted a nearly 1,000 receiving yard season in his second year, he would never go above 780 yards with Darnold.

With his performance suffering around his current quarterback, it’s easy to assume the quarterback is the problem.

However, Anderson could have more on his mind than the QB situation in Carolina.


Re-evaluating His Career Might Have Been His Focus

With things in Carolina not going as expected, he could now have a desire to focus on things outside football.

Whether it’s him doubting himself or him not having confidence in his team, he clearly had some reason to tweet about retiring.

All we can do is speculate about his reasons until he comes out and tells the world why he made that tweet.

However, a re-evaluation of his career could be a reason for him tweeting about retirement.

Some players only need a little time away from the NFL before getting back on track.

Malcolm Butler from the New England Patriots has done this before.

He took time away from the game, only to come back in 2022 to revive his career.

It could have been the same thought process Anderson was going through.

However, with him deleting the retirement tweet, could Carolina have a desire to trade him now?


Anderson’s Antics Might Force Trade

While he’s currently signed to a contract with the Panthers, they might trade him now with that stunt he pulled.

They might feel he could quit at any moment on the team.

The Panthers wouldn’t care why he tweeted what he did, but only care about getting something in return for him.

By trading him, they at least get something for him.

However, if they keep him, and he retires, they get nothing.

This could make for an interesting move by Carolina with what their young receiver did.

But is there a market for the receiver in the NFL with a trade?

Possibly, but it would require for assurances that he doesn’t retire and leave someone with a salary to pay.

One thing is for sure, he made himself the news story during the NFL offseason.

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