What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering? (2022)

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Amazon does an exceptional job of keeping you informed about your packages’ tracking information.

If you notice that your package is set to arrive the next day, then you may wonder how long you have to wait.

If it’s an important package, then you may even want to be home so you can take your item directly from the driver.

Here’s what you need to know about how early Amazon starts its deliveries.


What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering?

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Amazon can deliver as early as 6 AM.

However, their standard delivery time begins at 8 AM.

Amazon is aware that some people are still asleep at six in the morning.

As a result, their drivers are not allowed to ring doorbells or knock on the door until after 8 AM.

There’s a chance that you might have a package waiting at your door and not even realize it if the driver arrived before 8 AM.

If you order a package for overnight shipping, then it can even arrive as early as 4 AM.


Will Amazon Deliver Past 10 PM?

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You may be an early bird and not be worried about packages arriving in the morning, but you may have some concerns about packages that arrive later in the evening.

Amazon typically does not deliver packages past 10 PM.

They normally stop delivering around 8 PM.

That said, if there are many packages that still need delivering, then there’s a chance the delivery driver might continue to deliver packages until 10 PM.

This is most likely to happen during the holiday season since delivery drivers have more boxes than usual that need to be delivered.


How Can I Speed Up My Amazon Delivery?

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If your tracking states that your package will arrive later than you’d like, then you might wonder how you can speed up your delivery.

You may want Amazon to deliver it as early in the day as possible, for example.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to speed up your Amazon delivery.

Here are some of those methods.


1. Guaranteed Delivery

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One of the first things you should do to get your delivery faster is to order within a certain time period.

When you shop on Amazon, you’ll see a countdown or timer next to the product that you want to buy.

The timer reflects how much time you have to order that product to ensure it arrives at your door within a certain time.

For example, you may see that you have five minutes to buy the product.

If you purchase within that timeframe, then Amazon guarantees that the product will arrive at your door by the next day.

Amazon has that timer there for a few reasons.

For one, it encourages people to buy things.

If customers feel like there’s some sort of pressure, then they may be more likely to buy.

Customers also don’t like to feel like they missed out on a deal or bonus or benefit.

The timer rushes them to order the product before they can think the purchase through because they don’t want to miss out.

Finally, the timer also helps Amazon when it comes to logistics.

They want to fill trucks to save on costs and make the most money.

Sending out a truck that isn’t full doesn’t make good business sense.

A timer ensures that people are more likely to buy the product, which means it’ll end up on a truck before the truck leaves to make deliveries.

This ensures that Amazon’s trucks are full which means more money for them.

If you want to get your package earlier, then you should try and order a product that has a timer associated with it.

If you’re able to buy it before time runs out, then you can usually get your order in the next day or so as opposed to several days later.


2. Use An Amazon Locker

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Another way that you can speed up your Amazon delivery is with an Amazon Locker.

An Amazon Locker is a holding area in a public space.

It’s a locked container that you can only access with a code.

Most of the time, Amazon Lockers are located inside retail shops.

Grocery stores, for example, might have an Amazon Locker in them.

Retail companies often allow Amazon to put its lockers in their stores because it encourages people to shop while they’re on their way to get their packages.

Amazon Lockers might also be in your local post office or even your apartment complex.

The benefit of using an Amazon Locker is that it can speed up your delivery and ensures its safe arrival.

It’s a faster way to get your delivery because the delivery driver can skip a few steps and bring the packages right to the locker.

If the delivery driver had to drive to each address, then it could take them the entire day to get to your address.

By delivering to an Amazon Locker instead, they’re able to do that first thing, then start handling private deliveries.

You’re able to get ahead of the line, essentially.

Another perk of an Amazon Locker is that it keeps your package safe.

No one else is able to get inside of it except you.

If you don’t like the idea of having your packages waiting at your front door, then an Amazon Locker can alleviate those concerns.

Using an Amazon Locker is a great way to get your package faster and ensure its safe arrival.


3. Amazon Key

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If you don’t want to take time out of your day to hunt down your package in an Amazon Locker, then you might want to use the Amazon Key service instead.

Amazon Key can speed up your delivery because it ensures you get your package even if you’re not there.

For example, if you don’t want Amazon to deliver packages to your door until you’re there because you’re worried about theft, then that limits how fast the delivery driver can get to you.

A much easier option is to let them deliver the package to your garage instead.

Amazon Key is a service that syncs your garage door with Amazon.

When a delivery driver has a package for you, they’re able to get a one-time code that enables them to open up the garage door.

They’ll place the package inside, then close the door.

The garage door won’t close until the delivery driver has left.

This ensures that your family and belongings are safe, too.

By using Amazon Key, you can speed up your delivery because the delivery driver is able to deliver at any time.

They’re no longer restricted to a small delivery window.

You also have the added advantage of ensuring that your package is safe.

It’s not sitting out on the porch or by the front door.

It’s safely inside your garage.

Using the Amazon Key service ensures you’re able to get your package faster and safer.


4. Pay Higher Shipping Fees

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If you don’t mind spending extra money, then another way that you can speed up your Amazon deliveries is by paying higher shipping fees.

Amazon often offers several different shipping options.

Depending on your membership with Amazon, you might get a few of these options for free.

In most cases, however, if you want the package to arrive as soon as possible, then you can expect to pay more for it.

When you buy expedited shipping, you get the added benefit of having the package arrive within a few days instead of weeks.

The reason it costs more is that it forces the seller to make your order a priority.

That might mean that the seller has to take on extra costs to accommodate your request.

It also means that the carrier might lose out on money or have to spend more money to handle your package.

Since they need to get it out as soon as possible, they don’t always have the luxury of waiting for a truck that’s going in your direction.

A prioritized order requires the carrier to bring the package to you no matter the extra cost.

The higher fee you’re paying covers that extra cost.

You can speed up your Amazon delivery by paying more for shipping to get expedited service.


5. Amazon Prime Membership

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Another way to speed up your Amazon delivery is to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership.

There are tons of benefits to a Prime membership.

One of the most useful is that you’re able to get same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping for free or at discounted prices.

In most cases, you’re able to get fast shipping for free.

If you’re not someone who wants to spend extra money on fast shipping every time you order something on Amazon, then you’ll find becoming a Prime member beneficial.

Amazon Prime has other benefits, too.

You’re able to participate in Prime Day where Amazon offers steep discounts on items that are only available to Prime members.

You’re also able to get access to their streaming service where you can watch premium shows and movies produced by Amazon.

All those benefits combined with having your delivery arrive sooner can be yours with an Amazon Prime membership.


6. No Signatures

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A final way that you can speed up your Amazon delivery is by not requesting a signature upon delivery.

Some packages may ask if you want to sign for it.

If you want to speed up your Amazon delivery, then you should deny this request.

That’s because it can be difficult for Amazon delivery drivers to coordinate arrival times to ensure you’ll be home.

Most of the time, they deliver during the day while you’re at work.

If you request a signature for the package, then they can’t deliver it until you’re home to sign for it.

That might delay the delivery of your package again and again.

You may need to take the day off to be there to sign for it.

However, that also means you’ll miss out on work and there’s always a chance that the delivery driver might not even arrive on the specified day.

A better option is to remove the need for a signature altogether.

This way, the delivery driver can deliver the package regardless of whether you’re home or not.

If you’re worried about the package being by your front door all day, then you can always use one of the methods that Amazon offers to keep your package safe, like Amazon Key.

Otherwise, not having to sign for your package is a great way to speed up your Amazon delivery.


Why Is My Amazon Package Out For Delivery But Not Delivered?

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If you keep a close eye on your tracking information and notice that it says your package is out for delivery, then you may wonder what that means.

When a package is out for delivery, it means that a delivery driver has the package on their truck, and they’re intending to bring it to your address.

They may not have delivered it yet because they haven’t reached your address.

Amazon typically delivers as late as 8 PM, so it might take some time for them to reach you.

During the holiday season, they can even deliver as late as 10 PM.

As such, it may be worth waiting a bit longer before worrying.

Sometimes, your package may also be out for delivery, but the driver wasn’t able to reach your address in time.

In this case, the package will stay on the truck.

They’ll most likely end up delivering the package to you tomorrow.

The only time you should start to worry is when the tracking information updates to say that the package got delivered, but you don’t have the package.

Again, it’s still worth waiting until the end of the day to see if the tracking was updated prematurely.

If the next day comes and you still don’t have your package despite it saying it got delivered, then it’s time to contact Amazon.

It’s also worth checking around the house.

Amazon delivery drivers can sometimes deliver packages to the back door or in your mailbox.



Amazon can start deliveries as early as 6 AM, but they usually start around 8 AM.

Overnight deliveries may even arrive at your door as early as 4 AM.

If you want your package to arrive faster, then you can use the methods above to help speed it along.

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