What is the true cost of a beer in New York? Per report


NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Cheers, beer lovers. Empire Stakes looked at how expensive beers are in different places across New York, using Numbeo data, and found where the most expensive, and more importantly, where you can buy beer the cheapest in the state.

The report finds that at a restaurant or a bar, the average price in New York for a domestic beer is $5.53, and an imported beer price is $6.88. Compared to the national average, which is $5 and $6, respectively. As for supermarket prices in New York, the average cost of domestic beer is $2.11, and imported beer is $3.16, compared to the national average of $2.66 and $3.33, respectively.

Restaraunt/Bar Bought Beers

Empire Stakes found the average cost of a restaurant or bar bought beer in the following places in New York, and this is how they rank cheapest to most expensive-

T-1 Syracuse ($4.00)
T-1 Rochester City ($4.00)
T-3 Oyster Bay ($5.00)
T-3 Yonkers ($5.00)
T-3 Buffalo ($5.00)
New York City ($8.00)

Supermarket Bought Beers

Empire Stakes found that the most expensive area to purchase imported beer at a supermarket in New York is New Rochelle, setting you back roughly $6. In New York City, beer drinkers spend approximately $3.15 for a domestic and $3.95 for an imported supermarket-bought beer, per Empire Stakes.

Cheapest Restaraunt Beers

Empire Stakes found that Schenectady is your best bet to not overpay for a beer at a restaurant, with imported beers costing roughly $3.50 and domestic beers costing slightly more at approximately $3.67. As for Utica, New Rochelle, Syracuse, and Rochester restaurants, domestic beers at local restaurants will cost roughly $4.

Cheapest Supermarket Beers

As for the cheapest beers you can purchase at a supermarket across the state, Empire Stakes found that Utica leads the way, despite being the state’s 10th most populous city. At a Utica supermarket, on average, you will spend $1.21. However, an imported beer would cost more than double that, approximately $3.33. On the local front, a Schenectady supermarket charges roughly $1.85 for the cheapest imported beer.

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