What Does It Mean When It Rains On Your Birthday? (Explained)

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When you have rainy weather on your birthday, it can completely ruin any plans you made.

Rain is typically associated with bad luck and grief.

However, it can also mean renewal and life.

If it’s raining on your birthday, you may be wondering if it holds any particular meaning.

Here’s what you need to about rain, omens, and birthdays.


What Does It Mean When It Rains On Your Birthday?

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While rain is usually associated with things like grief, melancholy, and depression, that’s mostly a theme made famous by Hollywood.

In a spiritual sense, rain is actually a sign of good luck.

It’s associated with things like change, life, and renewal.

Some even consider rain as a sign of rebirth.

That’s because, without rain, there wouldn’t be any life in the world.

Rain brings water to plants, animals, and humans alike.

When it rains on your birthday, it could mean that changes are coming your way.

At the very least, it means that it’s a day of rebirth.

You can reflect on the years that have passed and determine if you want to stay on your current course or do something different.

Your birthday is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and change things about your life.

If it rains on your birthday, it means things are going to be changing.


Why Does Rain Symbolize Change?

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If it’s raining on your birthday, you might be wondering why rain symbolizes change.

Rain symbolizes change because, without it, the world remains at its current status.

Plants would wither and die.

Water sources would dry up.

Rain brings change because it brings these things back to life.

As plants grow, animals who rely on them for food also grow.

Thus, animals that feed on those animals grow, too.

Rain fills water sources which enable animals, humans, and plants to live.

With the chance of life comes change.

Rain also symbolizes change because too much of it can also change the landscape.

For example, if it rains too heavily in one area, flooding can occur.

This can completely change how the land looks.

It may even force people out of the area.

Rain is a powerful force behind change.


Why Does Rain Symbolize Good Luck?

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Many consider rain a sign of bad luck.

After all, if it rains at a special event, it can completely ruin plans and activities.

However, rain is actually good luck.

Those who live in areas where rain is rare especially consider rain to be a sign of good luck.

That’s because rain allows life to continue.

In areas experiencing droughts or in the deep deserts of the world, a little bit of rain can mean the difference between life and death.

If it rains on your journey through the desert, it’s good luck.

You’re given a chance of survival.

For farmers, rain is also good luck.

It ensures that their plants are able to receive the water they need to flourish.

It gives their livestock plenty of water to drink and remain healthy.

For everyone else, rain is good luck because it ensures private wells can replenish.

It means water sources get filled which gives everyone in the area the chance to drink water, shower, and wash clothes and dishes.

Rain is a sign of good luck because it gives certain people hope for the future.


Why Does Rain Symbolize Rebirth and Renewal?

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Rain symbolizes rebirth and renewal because it brings life to everything around it.

You can think of rain as part of a season.

For example, as temperatures warm and plant life starts to grow, it’s the seasonal rain that really brings plants to life.

It gives plants another birth.

It also renews the land since it hydrates it.

Some also see rain as a way to cleanse oneself.

Because rain is pure water, it acts as a cleansing ritual.

It washes away the troubles and complications of the past.

When the rain ends, you are a new person.

The past is no longer relevant because it’s no longer there.

You can now focus on the future and make new choices and new decisions about your future.

Rain symbolizes rebirth and renewal because it gives certain things the chance to birth themselves anew.


How To Celebrate Your Birthday When It Rains

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If you checked the forecast and it looks like rain on your birthday, you might be looking for ways to celebrate it.

You have two choices.

You can either continue with your outdoor plans to celebrate your birthday, or you can move your birthday celebration indoors.

Here are some things you can do to celebrate your birthday when it rains.


1. Plan For Rainy Adventures

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Rain doesn’t need to end your plans outside.

In fact, you can embrace the rain.

One way to do this is to have everyone wear appropriate clothing.

No one likes their clothes to get wet by the rain, so you should tell everyone to wear their bathing suits to your birthday instead.

Some might be expecting a pool, but you should tell them that it’s a rain-focused birthday instead.

If people want to swim, you can always get a kiddy pool for them to lounge in.

Otherwise, everyone wearing their bathing suits can be sure nothing gets ruined by the rain.

Food and presents are other problems.

If it rains, then the food can become soggy and the gifts might get ruined.

To avoid that, you can either have those items inside a building, or you can bring a tent.

You’ll want to make sure that the tent has an angled roof to keep water from pooling on its ceiling.

The tent can be a place where bags, food, gifts, and other items that need to stay dry can go.

It’s also worth having a table and some chairs for people to sit and dry off.

Finally, you’ll want to plan some rainy activities.

You can do water balloon fights, mud races, or mess around with paint.

The fact that it’s raining means your birthday party can be as messy as you want it to be.

Even though it’s raining on your birthday doesn’t always mean you need to go inside.

With the right planning, you can still hold a memorable birthday party outside.


2. Plan An Intimate Birthday Party

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If it’s raining on your birthday, it’s a great time to bring close friends and loved ones to your home.

Planning an intimate birthday party means spending time with those you actually care about.

It doesn’t need to be a big party where you invite coworkers that you only sort of know or friends of friends.

This is a party that celebrates you and the intimate relationships you have with those around you.

It’s a great time to look over old photos, watch embarrassing home videos, and reflect on your life thus far.

Since rain is all about rebirth, you can also use this opportunity to reflect on the path ahead.

It’s time to take stock of yourself.

Are you happy with your job?

Are you satisfied with your relationships?

Do you have enough fulfilling hobbies and interests?

If you’re not, it’s the perfect time to think about the changes you can make to find that satisfaction and happiness.

Birthdays are a time to remind you that life is short.

It’s also an ideal time to figure out the kinds of things you want to do or be part of in the future.

Since you’re with your closest supporters, you can also ask them for advice.

Together, everyone can celebrate you while helping you define goals to become the best version of yourself in the future.

If it’s raining outside, having an intimate birthday party with your loved ones could be exactly what you need.


3. Movie Marathon Birthday

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If you’re a big movie fan, a rainy birthday is a perfect time to have a movie marathon birthday instead.

One of the best ways to have a movie marathon is to buy a cheap projector and screen.

You don’t even really need a screen if you have a smooth ceiling or wall.

Modern-day projectors make it easy to connect your laptop or phone to it.

You can then watch movie after movie on the big screen.

This also allows you to invite as many guests as you want.

As long as you have enough comfy chairs and cushions, you’re ready to host a movie marathon birthday.

This is also an ideal way to get your guests to bring extra dishes.

While you can provide the cake and the main course, relying on your guests to bring other dishes, desserts, and sides can ensure everyone has something that they want to eat.

Movie watching is a hungry business, so you’ll need plenty of food.

Since it’s your birthday, you also get to choose what movies you want to watch in your marathon.

Perhaps you want to watch all of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Maybe you’re a Lord of the Rings fan and want to get through the original trilogy—the extended versions, of course.

Maybe you’re in the mood for some magic and think it’s time for a Harry Potter marathon.

You can even go for unrelated films like a B-list SciFi movie marathon.

Horror fans can find plenty of slasher films, mysteries, and ghost stories to watch.

There’s something for everyone.

Movie marathons are great for birthdays because it brings everyone together for a safe activity.

No one has to talk politics or religion.

You can all sit, watch the movie, and poke fun at it.

The best part of a movie marathon birthday is that you’ll feel cozy doing so while it rains outside.

If it’s raining on your birthday, you can consider a movie marathon birthday.


4. Bowling Birthday

Friends having fun while bowling and spending time together


When was the last time you went bowling?

While birthdays celebrated at the bowling alley are usually reserved for children, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate your birthday there, too.

If it’s raining on your birthday, the bowling alley is a great place to have a birthday party.

There are tons of activities for you get to involved in.

While there’s always bowling, most alleys also have a small arcade area, too.

If you are competitive, you can challenge your friends to a best-out-of-three fight on classic Street Fighter.

Once your alley is ready, it’s time to pick up your bowling ball and try to knock over some pins.

Bowling alleys also serve food, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything.

At most, you might want to bring your own birthday cake.

Some bowling alleys also serve alcohol, so your friends can enjoy bowling and your birthday with the right stimulation.

It’s also worth speaking with the bowling alley where you want to host your party to see if they can activate their black lights.

Glow bowling is an even more enjoyable version of bowling.

The balls, alleys, and decorations all stand out in neon under the black light.

They also tend to play more modern music, so your bowling alley birthday could quickly turn into a tame club birthday instead.

Having your birthday at the bowling alley is fun because it’s nostalgic, takes care of food, and offers up some friendly competition between you and your guests.


5. Arcade Birthday

A group of friends playing arcade machine


If you’re not that much into bowling but you love games, you should host your birthday at an arcade.

One of the biggest arcades that you can go to is Dave & Buster’s.

This arcade has traditional arcade games, new arcade games that require you to enter a booth, and even pool tables.

Perhaps one of the perks of Dave & Buster’s is that it also doubles as a restaurant and bar.

You can order big portions from an American-focused menu.

You can also put in your order for your favorite beer or cocktail at their bar.

Dave & Buster’s and other similar arcade businesses attract children to them, but they’re more focused on young adults and adults.

You can still earn tickets and win prizes, but the main attraction is the sheer number of games.

You can easily spend hours at an arcade, and everyone is sure to find a game that appeals to them.

If you want a more classic game, you and your friends can always settle into a few rounds of pool.

Celebrating your birthday at the arcade is great because it has everything you need.

It has great food, plenty of drinks, and tons of different types of entertainment for you to try.

If it’s raining outside, then you should head to the closest arcade to have some fun.


6. New Discovery Birthday

escape the room game concept


Even if it’s raining outside, there are tons of new things you can do indoors.

Since rain symbolizes rebirth, it’s a great time to use your birthday to try new things.

You may just find a new hobby out of it.

While the rain might keep you from doing new things like kayaking, riding a horse, or taking a hike, there are still plenty of indoor activities that you can try for the first time.

To make it even more special, you should invite your friends and make it part of your birthday celebration.

One thing you can try if you haven’t before is an escape room.

There are plenty of escape room experiences in metro areas.

Some of them change their themes and rooms throughout the year, so they’re never quite the same thing.

An escape room essentially has some sort of story that you take part in.

You’re usually trying to escape death or rescue the world in a limited amount of time.

Some clues help you solve puzzles and escape the room before the villain gets you or before the world ends.

It’s a lot of fun because it requires everyone to work together to solve the puzzle.

If that’s a bit too intense for you, you can always learn to paint.

There are lots of wine-and-paint businesses that serve you wine or other types of alcohol while you learn how to paint.

It’s a relaxing venture, and you may just unlock a talent you never knew you had.

When it’s raining outside, one of the best ways that you can celebrate your birthday is to try something new with those you love the most.



Rain is often seen as something bad and an ill omen on your birthday.

That isn’t the case since rain symbolizes a time of change and renewal on your birthday.

You can keep that in mind while celebrating your birthday with some of the ideas listed above.

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