Watch A Blue Jays Coach Get Ejected Before The Game Begins

The Toronto Blue Jays logo painted on the field during batting practice before the Toronto Blue Jays home opener prior to the start of their MLB game against the New York Yankees on April 4, 2014 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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An odd scene took place before Wednesday’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago White Sox.

Depending on your point of view (and whether you are a White Sox or Blue Jays fan, really), you may find what happened before the two teams even took the field amusing or frustrating.

We will get to the point: there was an ejection before a pitch was even thrown.

Wait, really?

See it for yourself.

“Last night, the Blue Jays/White Sox game was the worst umpired game all year. Today, the Blue Jays hitting coach brought out the lineup card and got ejected before the game even started,” MLB analyst Ben Verlander tweeted on Wednesday.

All the men appeared to be having a normal conversation, when suddenly an umpire tossed the Jays’ coach before the game even started.

He must have said something regarding Tuesday’s game one that ended in a 7-6 White Sox victory, in 12 innings.


The Umpire’s Performance On Tuesday Was A Big Fail

The umpire’s performance (Doug Eddings was at home plate yesterday) was really, really bad.

Verlander tweeted the umpire scorecard for everyone to see.

Judging by the umpire’s decisions, the White Sox were favored by about two runs, which is a whole lot considering the overall favor values in these scorecards are usually below 1.00.

The umpire called 202 of 228 pitches correctly, for an 89 percent of correct call accuracy.

That’s also well-below the average.

It was, all things considered, a bad game for the umpire.

The Blue Jays probably weren’t too happy, and the hitting coach may have given the crew a piece of his mind following yesterday’s action.

It was an incredibly odd scene, but we have seen crazier things in MLB.

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