Viral Video: Baby Elephant gets Z++ Security by herd| Watch adorable clip

Viral Video: An adorable video of a baby elephant is viralling on the internet and has won the hearts of netizens. In the video, a group of elephants are walking along a road escorting a baby elephant who is running as fast as he can with his tiny feet.

The video is shared by an IFS Officer Sushanta Nanda who writes the caption ‘No body on earth can provide better security than an elephant herd to the cute new born baby. It’s Z+++ Said to be from Sathyamangalam Coimbatore road.

After that, the video has gone viral on social media with over 552.9K views and tons of reactions. some netizens could not stop themselves from gushing at the adorable baby jumbo.

One of a netizens tweeted, so beautiful. Elephants have such a strong bonding that every female elephant in the herd is mother to all calves. They are so protective and this video says it all.

Another user writes, this is a pure dose of positivity. That is so perfect. God bless them all.

Some users compared the baby elephant with the lord ganesha and wrote Video ke shuruat me aisa lag raha hai shiv aur shakti ke sath chotu se ganesh ji chal rahe hain. 

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