Video Shows 2 Clippers Stars Going Off

A Clippers in the first quarter at Arena on April 06, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Clippers are promising a lot to their fans and, this year, they might actually deliver.

After years of false starts, missed chances, big trades, and some impressive growth, the Clippers are now being looked at as one of the best, most promising teams in the West.

Not only do people think they’ll be light-years better than their southland rivals, the Lakers, but most think the Clippers could be one of the top three teams in the West.

In fact, some people think this could be their year to actually make the Finals.

When you look at their players working hard, you can see why so many are making that assumption.

New footage of Paul George and John Wall practicing in the gym has hit the web and it has both players looking in fine form.

They are both moving with ease, speed, and power.

Most importantly, they seem to be working well together.

But these two guys are just part of the team’s intimidating big three that could put the rest of the league to shame.


The Clippers Coming Up

George and Wall are certainly two incredible NBA players.

But the LA Clippers have yet another superstar waiting to take to the court: Kawhi Leonard.

Yes, Leonard has been part of the team for a few seasons now but he missed the entire last season due to injury and recovery.

Now that he’s coming back, he will be playing alongside a finally-healthy George as well as Wall, who was acquired from the Houston Rockets weeks ago.

Seemingly overnight, the Clippers have come back to life and are looking better than ever.

If this team plays with the same energy we see from George and Wall then the rest of the NBA is officially on notice.

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