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USPTO PPAC – Ready for Nominees

The Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) forms a board of advisors for the USPTO Director. Nine members appointed by the Secretary of Commerce for three-year terms.  Although PPAC does not have formal power to take action, the USPTO Director is required to cooperate with the committee, provide it with access to information, and consider its advice.  Congress has declared that the committee should individuals representing both small and large entities, including at least independent inventor.  The committee should also include individuals “with substantial background and achievement in finance, management, labor relations, science, technology, and office automation.”

Dir. Vidal has announced that the USPTO is seeking nominations for three new  PPAC members. Due by July 1, 2022.  For more information, contact Cordelia Zecher, Acting Chief of Staff for Director Vidal at 571-272-8600.

My four issues for this year:

  1. Outreach and cultivate the US as a flourishing innovative society rather than one that relies upon others to provide answers. 
  2. Ensure that the USPTO maintains highest quality examination practices post-COVID. 
  3. Work to transform intellectual property laws in ways that promote US investment in innovation in key industries.
  4. Manage the balance between patents and trade secrecy protection–especially as more companies have substantially shifted toward trade secrets.

Submit your nominees here [USPTO Link Currently Not Working].

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