Tyreek Hill Has Nothing To Lose After Signing His New Deal

Tyreek Hill speaks with the media after being introduced by the NFL Miami Dolphins at Baptist Health Training Complex on March 24, 2022 in Miami Gardens, Florida.
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After the Miami Dolphins made their deal for Tyreek Hill, they wasted no time in signing him to a new deal.

The former top-receiver in Kansas City now has nothing to lose with his new deal in Miami.

Hill spent six years with the Chiefs and now gets his biggest contract ever from the Dolphins.

However, making more money isn’t the only thing going well for him.

So how is that Hill has nothing to lose since signing his new deal?


Hill Has Started His Own Podcast Since Signing With Miami

While the star receiver got a four-year, $120 million deal to play in Miami, he’s started things off there with a podcast.

The podcast, “It Needed To Be Said”, had Tyreek getting a lot off his chest in its first episode.

So if anything were to go wrong in his NFL career, he at least has his own podcast to remain relevant.

However, he made a lot of comments about his former team.

One of those comments was how he wanted to stay in Kansas City.

Both he and his agent talked about how they reached out to the team for a new deal after spending six years with them.

But the Chiefs didn’t want to pay the receiver what he felt he was worth.

However, that wasn’t the only thing to come out in the podcast that makes it seem like Hill has nothing to lose.


Hill Claims He Is With A More Accurate Passer Than Mahomes

When he was asked about which quarterback had the stronger arm, Hill answered with something that shocked many NFL fans.

While some would quickly point to completion percentages to debunk Hill’s statement, it’s not that easy.

The receiver’s claims come from him getting passes right on the numbers with Tua during practices.

However, his claims also mean Patrick Mahomes passes to him weren’t on the numbers.

He’s insinuating, in a way, that he made Mahomes look good by catching out-of-reach passes.

But would a claim like that actually be true?


Nothing To Lose With His Comments About Mahomes

While some might object with Hill’s statement, he had nothing to lose by making it.

That’s because the stats are on his side for 2021.

According to PlayerProfiler, Mahomes ranks 26th in pressured catchable rating and 27th in catchable pass rating.

He also ranks fifth in danger plays and 11th in interceptable passes.

However, he is the third-best passer with accuracy when the pocket is clean.

But at least the stats back up Hill to a degree with his claims.

If he already knew these stats beforehand, he clearly had nothing to lose to state what he said.

However, is his new quarterback in Miami really more accurate than Mahomes?

When examining the danger plays, he’s better than Mahomes.

But with all the other data on him out there, it’s Mahomes showing him he is better.

While the statistics were out there for all to see, Hill still had nothing to lose, as he now enjoys his new quarterback.

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