Tua Tagovailoa May Have Finally Ended One Rumor

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa #1 of the Miami Dolphins throws a second half pass against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 18, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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The 2022 NFL offseason was filled with drama for the Miami Dolphins.

Stories of a Tom Brady move to Miami made headlines following the firing of former Dolphins coach Brian Flores.

However, nothing came of these stories, as Brady remains in Tampa Bay.

But it didn’t keep Dolphins fans from wanting the seven-time Super Bowl champion in Miami.

While they might want him over their current quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, he gave them a reason to rethink those desires.


Tua’s Comeback Victory In Baltimore Shows He’s Turned A Corner

The biggest problem with the young Dolphins QB last season was winning tough games.

While he helped lead the Dolphins to a string of victories last season, a loss to the Tennessee Titans knocked them out of playoff contention.

However, this season, Tua is showing he can win those tough games early.

With the help of his defense, he staged a 28 point fourth quarter, giving the Dolphins their second win this season.

He also finished the game with 469 passing yards and six touchdowns, which broke records.

The game by him made the Dolphins the first NFL team to have a QB with 400+ passing yards, 5+ touchdowns, and two receivers with 170+ yards and 2+ TDs in the same game.

Despite all the records Brady has in the NFL, this is one only Tua can lay claim to.

It also shows the young quarterback is turning a corner in his NFL career.

While he threw two interceptions, he didn’t allow those mistakes to hold him back from winning.

He went to his playmakers, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, and engineered an epic comeback victory.

His road victory shows he can handle both a tough defense and a tough crowd.

However, does this one game silence the Brady rumors for good?


Tua Needs Sustained Success To End Rumors For Good

There’s no doubt Tua is looking amazing this season.

However, the season is still young, and the Dolphins QB still has many doubters rooting against him.

But he can end those doubts, along with the Brady rumors, with some sustained success in Miami.

So what does sustained success mean to a Dolphins fan?

First, he needs to defeat division rivals with ease.

While he’s shown he can handle the New England Patriots and New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills are his weakness.

He needs to defeat them if he wants to end the rumors and silence the doubters.


If Tua Defeats The Bills, Will He Then Be Part Of MVP Talks?

Defeating the Bills defense is a tall task for the young QB.

However, coming back from a 21-point deficit and winning against the Ravens was a tall task.

But he accomplished that task, leaving him only one team left to defeat.

If Tua has a great game, much like the one this past Sunday, he can suddenly find himself in the MVP talks.

Him being included in those talks makes for a great turnaround of the Dolphins QB.

While he might not win it, making it into those talks is gigantic for a quarterback many seem to doubt.

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