Tom Brady And The Dolphins May Never Work

Tom Brady reacts during Capital One's The Match VI - Brady & Rodgers v Allen & Mahomes at Wynn Golf Club on June 01, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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With the rumors around the Miami Dolphins and Tom Brady sticking around, it seems like they won’t die until he retires.

They seem to come up every time the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback makes the news.

Even when the story is about something else, the Brady to Miami deal gets brought up.

However, the deal has some legitimate reasons it may never work for the two sides.

While some might still hope for Brady to make his way to Miami, here are some reasons it won’t happen.


Brady Can’t Go To Miami While Flores Lawsuit Is Still Active

The firing of Brian Flores in 2022 would set off a chain of events that would derail the chances of Brady coming to Miami.

This was due to him revealing that Miami ownership had plans to replace him with Sean Payton.

Flores also alleges that Miami wanted him to tamper with a superstar quarterback before the free agency period in 2020.

That quarterback was Brady, who was allegedly meeting with team owner Stephen Ross, himself, and Brady.

When Flores would refuse, it would set off a chain of events that would end his career with the team.

However, those events put the Tampa quarterback in a bad spot.

If he were to go to Miami, it would fuel the Flores lawsuit, if it’s still ongoing.

It also would put questions into how involved the star quarterback was in this entire process.

With a move to Miami, Brady now has everything to lose, as rumors would lead to a tarnishing of his legacy.

However, there’s more to the past deal that wouldn’t work out now.


Miami’s Newest Receiver Is Hyping Tua Tagovailoa So Much That Replacing Him Wouldn’t Work Now

While Brady is a great quarterback, much better than Tua Tagovailoa, replacing him now would be impossible.

The reason for this is from the hype Tua is receiving from his newest receiver, Tyreek Hill.

With every practice Hill has with Tua and the Dolphins, he’s saying something good about the quarterback.

The hype between the two players has now made it hard for any chances of the veteran quarterback replacing Tua.

Besides the hype, Tua has shown some flares of improvement since that February 2020 alleged meeting.

Those things will keep the Tampa Bay quarterback from taking over the job in Miami.

While some might think his age would be a factor now, Brady has continually shown his age never matters when playing.

He’s like a fine wine, he keeps getting better each year he ages.

However, the one thing that he could do with the Dolphins is still be a part owner of the team.

His age wouldn’t affect that move, and would be the only thing that would make sense for him moving forward.

But that won’t happen until the Flores suit is done and over.

So while fans can dream of Brady being their QB and winning a Super Bowl, they have to come back to the reality that it won’t work for them.

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