Tigers Slugger Hilariously Reacts To Team Moving Fences In


Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers looks on after a 13-0 win during Game One of a doubleheader against the Colorado Rockies at Comerica Park on April 23, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. Cabrera hit his 3000th and 3001st hits of his career during the game.
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In light of finishing the 2022 season with the absolute worst offense in MLB, the Detroit Tigers decided to make some changes to the outfield dimensions and fences in Comerica Park.

For the 2023 campaign, the center field wall will be adjusted to 412 feet, which represents a move of 10 feet closer to home plate.

On top of that, the height of the outfield wall in multiple areas will be lowered, most notably in center field, right-center field, and right field.

Laser measurements were taken of the outfield wall and even though “the actual distance won’t change, the left field corner will be re-labeled from 345 to 342. The center field distance will be reduced 10 feet to 412, as the existing wall was measured at 422,” per a statement.

These changes can improve the offensive outlook of a franchise that finished last in runs, home runs, and wRC+ in 2022.

Of course, players like Miguel Cabrera would have preferred to see these modifications a few years ago.

Cabrera hilariously said that he has been waiting for this particular moment for about 15 years, since he landed in Detroit in 2008.

Regardless of how high or far the fences/wall were, Cabrera was a top slugger in MLB from 2004 to 2016.

Then he started to decline, although it’s fair to say he could really use those dimensions in 2023, his last MLB season.

While many top sluggers have more home runs at home during their careers, Cabrera has 254 on the road and 253 while playing in front of his fans.

He has played his whole career with two teams with pitcher-friendly parks: the Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins) and the Tigers.

He eclipsed 500 home runs anyway.

How much help can he get from his home park next year?

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