Thousands lose power during Ulster County storm

“We were indoors putting our children to bed with this little guy and felt the bed literally shake, the house shook, the roof shook and we were wondering what had come down because the winds were so violent,” said Lee Kelly.

In wake of the destruction neighbors lined the streets helping each other clean up the mess. On Fair Street, neighbor Eric Rowles could be seen using his chainsaw to help cut away debris from homes, cars and sidewalks.

“It’s what I’ve always done. I have lived here for about 17 years and I’ve always helped my neighbors,” said Rowles

The folks on Fair Street experienced quite a bit of destruction. Carmella Marner says at one point she had to run to the basement in fear.   

“It was like the sky was this crazy blue outside I was washing dishes and then suddenly it was black the neighbor’s band was practicing across the street and that’s all you heard and then suddenly all you heard was the wind and the rain coming inside ways and my dog was barking at the door because it was rain pounding all the way through the porch at the door,” said Marner

Julie Donovan, the neighbor of Marner was not home at the time but said that she “would have been afraid.”

Central Hudson Electric official Joe Jenkins says the storm that brought 60 mph winds and dropped one inch diameter hail, it was the toppling of trees that was the cause. Jenkins says they have about 150 Central Hudson Electric workers and an additional 60 mutual aid workers in the area restoring service.

“It’s a great place to live in but it’s very tree dense it’s one of the most treat dense areas in the country. Our tree trimming program is very comprehensive and we try to ramp up those efforts as much as we can,” said Jenkins

The majority of customers affected by the storm are expected to have their power restored by the end of the day. However, some residents who live in the most heavily impacted areas may not see restoration until Friday.

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