The Spurs Have Remained Consistent In One Important Way


Gregg Popovich head coach of San Antonio Spurs gives instructions during the game between San Antonio Spurs against Miami Heat at Arena Ciudad de Mexico on December 17, 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico.
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All eyes were on the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, as the team returned to the Alamodome to play against the Golden State Warriors.

It had been years since the team performed on that court, which was their home for decades.

They moved to the AT&T Center in 2002, where they found even more success and became one of the most important franchises in NBA history.

NBA writer Tim Reynolds pointed out an amazing fact.

“Since the Spurs last played in the Alamodome, there have been 209 coaching changes in the NBA,” Reynolds said.

He made sure to add one key point: “None by the Spurs, of course.”

This shows just how monumental head coach Gregg Popovich is and how vital he has become to the history of the NBA.

Since becoming the team’s coach back in the 1990s, Popovich has won numerous awards, like Coach of the Year three times and Western Conference Coach of the Month 14 times.

He was also selected as one of the 15 Greatest Coaches in NBA History just last season.

Popovich is now talked about as one of the best head coaches to ever lead a team and his multiple championship rings show that he knows the game better than just about anyone.

He has also influenced and mentored other coaches who are now running the league, most notably Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors.

Popovich has been the coach since 1996 but even he admits that he won’t be doing this forever.

This means that at some point – maybe some point soon – the Spurs will be led by someone other than Pop.

We don’t know when that will be but we do know he will leave behind a legacy unlike any other.

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