The Ravens Were Inches Away From A Miracle


Tyler Huntley #2 of the Baltimore Ravens walks off the field after being defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card playoff game at Paycor Stadium on January 15, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 24 to 17.
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)


The Baltimore Ravens are far from a one-man show.

Of course, Lamar Jackson is by far their best player, and him being on the field improves their chances of winning by a significant margin.

But John Harbaugh’s defense and running game should also get plenty of credit for helping the Ravens reach the playoffs without their starting quarterback on the field for the final five weeks of the season.

Also, fans should give Tyler Huntley plenty of love.

He did his best Lamar Jackson impersonation when able to play, scrambling his way into big gains and finding the open guy when he needed to throw.

More than that, Huntley was just inches away from putting up a miracle not once but twice in their Wild Card Round game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, but luck just wasn’t on their side last night.

First, Huntley got the football stripped just short of the goal line, and Bengals DE Sam Hubbard took it all the way back for a 98-yard touchdown.

Then, he still had another chance to even things up and force overtime, throwing a Hail Mary at the end of the game that seemingly slipped right through the receiver’s hands.

The Ravens were nine-point underdogs on the road against a tough divisional rival, so for them to still be in a position to tie the game on the final play sure speaks volumes of their resiliency.

Now, they’ll have to focus on getting Jackson back on the field, which also means working on a contract extension after months of speculation.

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