The Celine Bucket 16 Review

Coat: Mackage (this years version) | Sunglasses

A long overdue review. It’s a bag I get frequent questions on and after owning it for almost six months, I feel like I’m in a place to give it my proper review.

As I mentioned, I got the Celine Bucket Bag around six months ago after contemplating it for 2-3 months prior to purchasing. That’s typically how I work with my designer/big handbag purchases. Unless I’m traveling to Paris and feeling spontaneous about buying something, I’ll contemplate a big buy for awhile.

In this case, it was a bag I started seeing on Pinterest and every single time I’d spot it, it would stop me in my tracks. It was something I felt like my closet was lacking: a bag that was a bit larger, less structured and a rich tan in color.


It comes in two sizes (the teen and the regular size), and the one thing I didn’t debate for one second was which size I’d get. I like to carry a lot of stuff with me, especially if I’m commuting, and I felt like my closet was missing a great, larger bag in this color. It fits a lot: my phone, a little makeup bag, my pocket Mason Pearson, AirPods and a wallet. It cannot fit a laptop, but can definitely fit an iPad.

Color Choice: 

It comes in several beautiful shades and I really don’t think one can go wrong with any of them. I already own a lot of black bags, but nothing in this beautiful, rich hue that I knew would compliment my entire wardrobe. I wasn’t wrong and I have zero regrets with my color choice. It works so well with cream, camel, black, navy. Anything, really.

Jacket: COS | Pants (size up) | Mules 


One thing I will point out is that I haven’t found it to be a complete all-year-round bag for my purposes. I think I’ve worn it a handful of times this entire summer as I prefer to wear a slightly smaller bag when the weather is warmer. I prefer the look of a summery dress or shorts and a tee, with a bag that’s proportionate and appropriate to the outfit, whether in size or material. If I want to carry some extra things, I’ll wear one of my smaller bags and then carry a larger tote with everything else. I know this sounds silly, but the first bag is part of “my outfit..” whereas the secondary tote is just for transporting everything else.

On the other hand, I love it during the other months. It looks great with outerwear, knitwear, denim, boots, sneakers. It’s just not a all-around summer bag for me.

Button Down | Denim | Belt | Mules | Sunglasses |Bag

Material, Details, Opening:

The material is smooth calfskin and while I’m not wearing it daily, I find it to be pretty durable. It doesn’t have any visible scratches yet, pretty miraculous for someone like me. I do think it’s inevitable down the line, but it’s a lot less fragile than I would have thought.

 There is also no top-zip, but rather a gold-tone turn luck. This doesn’t necessarily bother me, but I know that no full closure is a deal breaker for many.

This bag also comes with a thin, zipper pouch, a nice little add-on.

Trench (similar) | Denim | Sunglasses (color is slightly darker) 

The Added Strap:

The strap was a pricey add on to an already expensive purchase, but I don’t regret it. I first saw Arielle from Something Navy add the strap and I fell in love. It comes in two lengths, short and long, and several color options. I have the longer of the two and the beige/white color.

Since getting it, I tend to wear it the added strap more than the one the bag came with. I also love the look it gives the overall bag, so while it’s not a necessity, it’s a really great detail.

Coat: Random brand but I love this one | Denim | Loafers | Sunglasses 

Is it Kid Friendly?

If I’m with both kids and walking by foot rather than in our car, I’m probably not wearing this bag. I prefer to have something that’s smaller on my body and if needed, also a larger one that I have to be less careful with. If you’re looking for a mom-friendly bag for mom mode, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I tend to reach for it when I’m going somewhere without the kids or if we’re all driving in the car rather than walking. I should note that in NYC and in my neighborhood, I walk a lot, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.

Scarf: Acne Studios (and this new color is dreamy) | Coat: Zara (several years ago) | Pants: Aritizia Effortless Pants (size up) | Boots: Reformation


Overall, I do love it and I’d get it again. Again, I appreciate that it’s understated, larger and just a cool looking, attractive bag. If you’re following along on instagram, you may know that I’m currently debating a small Bottega Jodie. When and if I get it, in due time, I’ll compare the two and tell you which one I would get if I had to choose. This one is a lot less, so it certainly has that in its favor.

Where to Buy: I purchased both the bag and the strap from Inna at Bergdrof. It’s also available at 24S if you’re buying online.

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