The Bears Enjoyed A Nice Assist From Mother Nature In Week 1

Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears looks on under center against the San Francisco 49ers at Soldier Field on September 11, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
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The Chicago Bears pulled off a solid victory in Week 1, something few expected.

However, the Bears got a huge assist from the weather on Sunday.

With Soldier Field being flooded, and rain coming down during the game, the conditions weren’t ideal for football.

But the Bears used this to their advantage to escape with a win.

While the San Francisco 49ers could handle the weather, the Bears young offense had the right answers.


Lady Luck Was On Justin Fields’ Side In Win Over San Francisco

While the Bears were down by ten late in the third quarter, Lady Luck helped Chicago.

During a play where Justin Fields was in danger of getting sacked, the young QB made some magic happen.

A 51-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Dante Pettis shifted the momentum into the Bears favor.

There was no turning back, as Fields later connected with Equanimeous St. Brown in the end zone to take the lead.

While Fields didn’t have a great game, he did enough to help Chicago pick up a critical Week 1 victory.

However, the weather was the star, as the Bears time at Soldier Field is slowly coming to a close.


Time Is Ticking For The Bears And Great Games In The Elements

As it stands, the Bears are getting a new stadium which will replace Soldier Field.

However, after the Bears victory in the elements, the idea of a new domed stadium doesn’t sound good.

While the idea is just a concept, Jay Chandrasekhar rightly points out how having a dome stadium is a terrible idea.

With ownership wanting to move out of Soldier Field, there’s no stopping the Bears having a new home.

But the company contracted with building the new stadium needs to rethink their concept of a domed stadium.

After the Bears thrilling win on Sunday, the selling of a dome becomes harder for the Bears to their fanbase.


Bears And Their Fans Need To Focus On Their Next Opponent

While the stadium move is a hot button topic now, the team and their fans need to focus on football.

With their next opponent being the Green Bay Packers, an opponent they must defeat.

After last year’s disaster versus their NFC North rivals, they can’t afford to continue losing to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

However, they can use Rodgers’ past comments about the team to fuel themselves into an upset victory.

The four-time MVP had yet another rocky opening day game this season, something the Bears need to take notes on.

If the Bears want that victory on Sunday night, they need to pull out all the stops.

They can’t allow Rodgers and his new receivers to get into a groove, something they never had in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings.

While playing the Packers at Lambeau Field differs from a home game at Soldier Field, the game plan is the same.

That plan is to pressure Rodgers into making the short throws, limiting any chances of a deep threat.

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