The 8 Best Diuretic Foods That Can Get Rid Of Water Retention

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A diuretic is a chemical responsible for excreting excess salt and water from the body. Though it is also available as pills, it is always preferable to treat oneself organically rather than with chemicals.


Why do you need diuretic foods?

We are all aware that our weight changes are related to the amount of water in our bodies.

This must be flushed out with the help of particular foods known as diuretics in order to lose weight and feel less bloated.

Diuretics also lower blood pressure by draining sodium from the body and eliminating dangerous pollutants through urine.

Eating foods that are high in water content is a great way to banish water retention.

These foods assist in clearing your system by flushing out the water held in the body, relieving bloating, and reducing swelling in your hands, feet, ankles, and legs.

As long as your swelling is mild and you don’t have an underlying health condition, you can incorporate some natural diuretics into your diet to help alleviate fluid buildup. Consume these foods to beat water retention and feel healthier overall.



Cucumbers have high water content and contain caffeic acid, which aids in the removal of water retention in our bodies.

It also contains nutrients that aid in the removal of uric acid from the kidney.

Cucumbers make for a great way to beat water weight and it is low in calories, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking to lose weight.



Apart from being delicious and versatile, cranberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C and aid in the removal of excess water.

Cranberries include a nondialyzable material (NDM) that protects against kidney, bladder, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).



High in electrolytes and water, watermelons are 92% water and have diuretic properties that make it easy to flush the body of excess water and help promote proper balance of hormones, sodium and electrolytes within the body. 

Watermelons are extremely healthy and adding them to your diet is a great way to reduce inflammation in the gut, which is where much water retention can reside.



Coumarin in celery aids in the prevention of high blood pressure as well as the cleansing of the system by excreting all unneeded water in the form of urine that is retained in the body.

It aids digestion and alleviates bloating. Celery’s high water and electrolyte content avoids dehydration, and chemicals contained in celery work as a diuretic, reducing bloating and helping naturally push out excess water while still providing nutrients for the body



Ginger naturally improves digestion and aids in the removal of all harmful poisons from the body.

It is thought to be one of the most potent diuretic foods to detoxify the body and beat water retention.

It can be consumed as ginger tea or simply as ginger-infused water (keep it overnight to infuse the flavours well).



Carrots are high in antioxidants and vitamins, which aid in detoxification in the body, allowing the system to eliminate all pollutants.

Carrots are also an important food to include in our diet because they improve our vision and refresh our bodies with vitamins K and A.

Because of its potassium concentration, carrot juice works wonders in managing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also stimulates bile secretion.



Water infused with freshly cut lemons can not only give you an instant boost of energy, but it can also help flush out bacteria, prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), lessen bloating and cleanse your system completely.

Lemon contains potassium, which helps to boost your immunity.



Cinnamon contains a component known as mineral chromium, which helps to reduce one’s appetite.

It is an excellent spice for boosting immunity and cleansing the system since it contains all of the vital minerals, vitamins, and fibres.

It also has a strong detoxifying effect. When mixed with a glass of water, it is often called to as a cleansing drink because it aids in the removal of extra water and toxins from my body.


Final thoughts

Incorporate these in your regular meals but make sure that you do not go overboard with them because too much of anything is unhealthy.

Excessive consumption can drain out important electrolytes that your body needs, leaving you feeling tired due to electrolyte imbalance.

Also, be sure to consult a dietician if your water retention persists even after you make changes to your diet and your body doesn’t return naturally to its balanced state.

Moreover, you should also frequently opt for health screening. It provides you with vital insights into your health, allowing you to take necessary measures to improve it.


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