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The popular instant messaging platform, Telegram, has announced that its premium subscription version, is now available for users. Telegram Premium is now available to users around the world, and will allow subscribers for faster downloads and a whole lot of extra features.

Telegram Premium subscription now available with faster downloads and more extra features

In a blog post, the platform revealed that ot has over 700 million monthly active users. The premium subscription, Telegram believes, with help the developers make the app even better and more popular.

Rather than making Telegram a paid app, the Premium subscription adds extra features that enhance the messaging experience. At the same time, current Telegram features will remain free for all users. The paid subscription will not only help keep the app free of advertisements but also will support the free version of Telegram for everyone.

Benefits of Telegram Premium
One of the main benefits that Premium subscribers will have is the ability to send and receive large files. Currently, all users can send and receive files up to 2GB in size. Premium users can send files up to 4GB in size. This will come in handy when users want to share 1080P movies or 4K videos. 

Premium users will also experience faster upload and download speeds than regular users. There’s also a built-in audio-to-text message converter and a bunch of exclusive stickers and reactions. Premium users also get to create custom folders and use animated profile pictures, custom app icons and a “Premium Subscriber” profile badge.

Telegram Premium also doubles the limits when it comes to groups and channels, pinned chats, public links, and saved GIFs. For instance, each premium user will be able to join up to 1,000 groups and channels instead of 500, while the limit for favourite saved GIFs goes from 200 to 400.

Free Telegram getting new features
The blog post highlighted some of the new features that regular Telegram or free Telegram is getting. Public groups now have the option to add a ‘Request To Join’ button so that admins can review and vet members before letting them write into the chat. Furthermore, the platform is expanding its verification program for groups and channels and making it much easier.

Free Telegram users will also get improved chat previews on Android and a new interface to show file sharing progress on iOS. Another enhancement coming for all Telegram users on iOS is full ProMotion support on supported iPhone and iPad models to render smooth animations at 120Hz. Telegram says that some of the new free features will arrive first for Premium users.

Pricing for Telegram Premium 
Telegram Premium is now being rolled out to users. The subscription costs $4.99 per month. You can download the latest version of Telegram for iOS and Android for free.

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