Snow woes in the Capital Region, businesses suffer


LAKE DESOLATION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The woes of no snow causing New York businesses who rely on the powder to alter hours of operation and it’s keeping those snowmobiles parked.

There are over 75 miles of snowmobile trails in Saratoga County that are not being enjoyed and that is a problem for restaurants on Lake Desolation. Tinney’s Tavern General Manager Erika Hass says lack of snow means lack of business.

“Every year we hope for it and honestly at this point we’re really not even sure what’s going to happen,” said Faas.

 She says her workers are feeling it, too.

“Unfortunately, we have had to cut the hours quite a bit. Unfortunately for our staff and they are very understanding about it,” said Faas.

Haas tells NEWS10 they used to be open on Mondays but this year they can’t support it.

Kevin Joyce with the Saratoga Snowmobile Association says he’s never seen it this bad.

“Seven years I’ve been involved in the club and there has not been a season where we have not had the trails open. And yeah, we pray that this year is not the first year that trails are not able to open up,” said Joyce.

Joyce says that no white means no green.

“It’s a great source of revenue and without them out and about it definitely hurts the economy,” said Joyce.

Snowmobile dealerships also feeling the effects. Cody buck with Edelmann Sales in Troy tells NEWS10 they are hurting as well.

“Foot traffic and selling snowmobiles, like that, I’d say you’re down at least 50%,” said Buck.

The large snowstorm that came through in December brought hope and snow but that soon melted away.

“We rely very heavily on the snowmobilers through the winter,” said Faas.

For now, North Country winter recreation may be on hold, but folks here are holding out for the next big snowstorm.

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