Skip Bayless Shares An Extremely Early Paolo Banchero Take

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Paolo Banchero pose for photos after Banchero was drafted with the 1st overall pick by the Orlando Magic during the 2022 NBA Draft at Barclays Center on June 23, 2022 in New York City.
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Thursday night was big for the future of the Orlando Magic.

That night’s Summer League game was the first time that number one draft pick Paolo Banchero was able to play with his team.

Banchero going at number one in the draft was a bit of a surprise so there were many fans who were watching intently to see if he was worth it.

Skip Bayless sure thinks so.

Following the game, Bayless went on Twitter to praise the rook, saying, “It was just the first Summer League game, but Banchero justified Orlando stunningly taking him No. 1 over Jabari Smith.”

Bayless continued: “He was in attack mode from the start, he asked to guard Jabari and did an excellent job on him. The threes, the passes…early edge, Paulo.”

Is Bayless justified in his hype or is he taking it too far?


Banchero On The Ball

Banchero put up 17 points and six assists during his opening Summer League game.

Sure enough, he really was playing with serious intent and dedication and focus.

Bayless isn’t wrong when he said Banchero was consistently in attack mode.

But it might be too soon to judge him beyond just having one great night.

This is the Summer League, after all, and you can’t tell too much from just one game.

The competition and pressure will get so much more intense once Banchero and his Magic enter the regular season and go against the other teams in the NBA.

It will be then when Bayless and others can accurately judge Banchero and the Magic’s decision to choose him as the number one pick.

Yes, it’s a promising start for him but it’s very, very early.

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