Sitterly Road Bridge project moving forward

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Clifton Park Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull gave an update on the Sitterly Road Bridge project on Thursday. Clifton Park posted the update on its Facebook page. The bridge sits over the Northway in Clifton Park.

Bull said he spoke with New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Regional Director Pat Barnes Thursday morning to discuss the project. Bull said the deck is finished and the pedestrian walkway is going in.

He said the dry summer has helped keep the project on time. NYSDOT still plans to open the new bridge in mid-September. Bull said paving on the approaches should start late next week.

Crews work on the Sitterly Road Bridge
Work continues on the Sitterly Road Bridge in Clifton Park. (Dahn Bull)

The bridge was hit in April 2021. Police said that the boom lift on the trailer of the truck had raised, exceeding the height limit for the Sitterly Road overpass and struck the bridge. The boom lift then fell off the truck and across all three lanes of traffic. The driver was ticketed.

The bridge closed to traffic in June. There had been a temporary bridge over the Northway before work on the permanent bridge began.

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