Singing Donkey In Texas Is Going Viral



A singing donkey named Monte has taken TikTok by storm and has Twitter fans reacting with positivity

Monte is a rescue donkey that his current owner adopted from Texas Miracle Ranch Rescue in Plantersville, Texas. Monte was surrendered to the Rescue in 2010 with many other horses and donkeys.

He lived there waiting for a forever home, but it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen for him. His current owner Pinky Ruggles however, fell in love with him and knew he was meant to be with her. She shared his story saying,

“He sat at the rescue because he was smaller, he was older. He wasn’t the cuddly type. He wasn’t the rush over to see what you’re doing type. He just wasn’t what everyone always wants a donkey to be.”

She went on to say that Monte also has a falled crest on his neck, which made him unappealing to some people. She didn’t mind though and explained saying,

“It just meant that at one point in his life, he was really unhealthy. He just all the way around was a broken dude that nobody wanted.”

When Ruggles brought Monte home, he spend a few days being quiet and distant. Then one day, it all changed. Instead of making the usual donkey sounds, Monte start to communicate in a unique way. He had a special bray that let Ruggles know he was happy and had accepted his new home. She told Chron,

“He started braying and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I mean he looked just as confused as I did. I don’t know if he’d ever made noise before. We have no clue. He started going off. It’s like he knew his life changed. He knew that he was home and his personality just came out full force. If he thinks he going to get something, he stands at the front door. As I come out the front door, mom’s got carrots, apples, treats, or Peeps.”

@montethesingingdonkey Some OG porch singing with #montethesingingdonkey this morning! Extra #snacks, and a row of @peepsbrand is well-deserved by our little #diva. 🤣💓 #emptybowlblues #farmyardopera #mathemeatloaf #donkeysoftiktok #yardgoblin #texas #donkeytok #healthadepopit #donkeybray #fyp #peeps ♬ original sound – Monte The Singing Donkey

Ruggles knew Monte was special and decided to share his video on her TikTok. He quickly went viral with everyone talking about him. Monte has thousands of viewers across various social media platforms. Twitter users reacted to his viral videos, with many saying that a singing Donkey is just the thing the world needs right now.

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