Should I tell dad I hate the ugly watch he gave me?


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma is about getting a Christmas gift you really don’t like from someone you love. Here’s the email:

Hey Jaime, my name is Zack and I’m really conflicted right now over something with my father and wanted to get your advice on it. I love my dad. I’m grateful to have him with me at the age of 83. That being said…. it’s been a week and a half since Christmas and my dad keeps asking me why I’m not wearing the watch he got me. I don’t have the heart to tell him how much I don’t like the watch because he was so excited to give it to me. I’d feel terrible asking him for the receipt to return it. Now I have him asking me all the time if I wore the watch yet and I don’t know what to say to him. Would I be better off just telling him I want to exchange it for a different one or just wear it from time to time to make him happy and protect his feelings? Or do you think he’ll just stop asking me? Hope you can help me out.


If I was Zack, I would just wear the watch around his dad every once in a while. It wouldn’t hurt to make his dad feel good. Sure, it’s a white lie, but it’s a white lie to protect someone’s feelings and a white lie that could not possibly hurt anyone else. I say keep and wear the watch when you’re around your dad. What do you think? Let’s help Zack out and let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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