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SCOTUS: Three Potential Patent Cases

At the “long conference” last week, the Supreme Court considered the fate of 13 pending petitions for writ of certiorari.  Three cases have survived. In two, the Court invited the Solicitor General to file an amicus brief “expressing the views of the United States.”

  • Teva v. GSK, 22-37 (Skinny Label)
  • Interactive Wearables v. Polar Electro, 21-1281 (Eligibility)

CVSG.  The SG’s brief typically takes several months to draft and so we’ll likely not see further action in these cases until 2023.

The court took no action in Juno v. Kite, 21-1566 (full scope written description), meaning that the case will be reconsidered at a later conference. The remaining 10 petitions were denied certiorari.

  1. CustomPlay, LLC v., Inc., No. 21-1527
  2. Gilbert P. Hyatt v. United States Patent and Trademark Office, No. 21-1526
  3. Worlds Inc. v. Activision Blizzard Inc., No. 21-1554
  4. SawStop Holding LLC v. United States Patent and Trademark Office, No. 22-11
  5. Larry G. Junker v. Medical Components, Inc., No. 22-26
  6. CPC Patent Technologies PTY Ltd. v. Apple Inc., No. 22-38
  7. Ampersand Chowchilla Biomass, LLC, et al. v. United States, No. 22-69
  8. Aaron G. Filler, et al. v. United States, No. 22-53
  9. Lakshmi Arunachalam v. Kronos Incorporated, No. 22-133
  10. Biogen International GmbH, et al. v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., No. 21-1567

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