Schenectady County protects aquifer

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Schenectady County Legislature advanced a resolution on September 6, designating a 16.8-acre county-owned parcel in Rotterdam as an open space for source water protection. The resolution still has to pass the regular meeting of the legislature on Tuesday, September 13.

The Great Flats Aquifer is the main water supply for Schenectady county residents. A designation will be placed on the deed for a parcel the county owns through foreclosure, preventing any use other than the protection of the water supply.

Anthony Jasenski, Chair of the County Legislature states, “This parcel is close to both Rotterdam and the City of Schenectady’s well fields and designating it as open space is key to protecting the aquifer. Not only does this abundant water supply provide drinking water for our residents, it’s also a resource our economic development team has used to attract new businesses and development to our community through smart growth efforts, including BelGioioso Cheese and Adirondack Beverages.”

The county has shown effort in protecting the aquifer since 2004. Demolitions as well as a $15 million cleanup at the former Scotia Navy Depot prevented contaminants from the former military base from reaching the aquifer.

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