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With foldable smartphones becoming more and more popular, and somewhat affordable these days, one of the biggest fears that people have is how long the hinge and the folded area of the screen going to last before it gives up.

Over the years, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have redesigned and refined the design of their hinges to the point where they are extremely durable. Even the foldable screens that most smartphone brands source from Samsung have gone up exponentially in quality and endurance.

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To showcase just how durable their latest foldable devices, The Galaxy Flip 4 and the Galaxy Fold 4 are, Samsung shared a video showing some of the tests they have undergone before being deemed fit for release.

The short 100-second clip reveals all the rigorous tests that the foldable go through, including multiple button pressing, folding and unfolding, and testing their water resistance:

Samsung releases a video of their rigorous method for testing the durability of the Fold 4 & Flip 4

Reliability is key for Samsung, as the company revealed in a press release, and it does all the testing to ensure the phones “can withstand everyday wear-and-tear” and meet the need of users. All the processes are automated, which is hardly a surprise, but the engineering that went behind developing these rigs is a marvel to watch.

The back panel of the phone is applied by one set of machines and then pressed firmly by another. Then the device is onto the functional testing to make sure the screen works with S Pen, the Samsung Pay service is okay, touch and proximity sensors, as well as the wireless coil also need to go through the process.

We also get to see the water resistance test that has multiple valves, spraying water on the foldable from all angles.

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