Robbie Anderson Shares A Shocking Thought On Twitter

Robby Anderson #11 of the Carolina Panthers looks on before the game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on November 28, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida.
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The Carolina Panthers have not done Robbie Anderson many favors since the wide receiver came aboard at the start of the 2020 season.

He was a 1,000-yard player in 2020, only to see severe regression to the tune of 519 total yards in 2021.

That will happen when Sam Darnold, an aged Cam Newton, and P.J. Walker are lining up at quarterback.

Training camp is just over a month away and the Panthers seem to be fine rolling with Darnold once again.

Matt Corral is in the building, but has a long way to go to win the job.

That has led Anderson to make a shocking claim on Twitter.

“Ain’t gone lie Thinking bout Retiring…” he tweeted Saturday afternoon.

This is obviously less than ideal for the Panthers as they navigate a tough situation of their own doing.


Anderson Would Be Leaving Money On The Table

As NFL insider Dov Kleiman shares, the receiver just signed a two-year extension worth nearly $30 million.

It is fair to point out that Anderson is 29 years old and may truly just be done with the game of football.

But would he be feeling the same if he had a better quarterback?

He has seen many of his counterparts sign massive extensions this offseason.

That may have been in the cards for him as well if he didn’t have such a down year in 2021.

The Panthers, and Anderson’s agent, are surely scrambling at the moment, while the same is true for fans.

Yet if he does want to retire, it is hard to blame him.

This may be the wake-up call the Panthers need to jumpstart the organization and stop limping through a season when there are in fact talented players on the roster.

Carolina is not exactly a booming free agent destination at the moment, and players openly considering retirement won’t help that cause.

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