Queensbury road detours to stick around for now

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Friday, Warren County announced that ongoing road work in the town of Queensbury would be taking a bit longer to complete than originally anticipated. The re-opening of the currently closed bridge over Halfway Brook will be delayed.

The bridge, near Quaker Road, is still in the process of being replaced. The general contractor working with Warren County to replace it has not yet been able to give an updated expected completion date. The delay was caused by issues channeling the flow of water away from the active construction site. The work replaces an older bridge passing over the brook at the intersection of Quaker Road and Bay Road, in front of Lowes.

In the meantime, drivers in that area of Queensbury should expect to continue using an existing detour, different depending on the direction of their travel. Those hoping to travel south of the construction will follow a route taking them along Glenwood Avenue/County Route 34. Those headed north will be guided along a route traveling Meadowbrook and Cronin roads.

The closure affects driving lanes but does not impact foot traffic. A temporary bridge has been placed over Halfway Brook for pedestrians to use in the meantime. The bridge is located on the construction site’s east side, just before the intersection of Bay Road and Glenwood Avenue and the Lowe’s parking lot entryway.

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