Public invited to discuss Albany’s Riverfront Garage


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany Parking Authority will hold a public meeting to review and collect community feedback regarding the initial feasibility study for the possible redevelopment of Downtown Albany’s Riverfront Garage. The meeting will take place at The Blake Annex on Wednesday, November 30, at 4:30 p.m.

During the meeting, consultants will review the study’s goals, the existing condition of the garage, and the future possibility of the site. Community members and stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting to provide their feedback. A second meeting will follow in the future to present findings for additional community feedback.

“Reconnecting Albany to and increasing the utilization of its riverfront is of vital importance to the future economic and cultural development of New York’s Capitol City,” said Matthew Peter, Executive Director of the Albany Parking Authority. “While the parking needs in Downtown Albany must be factored in, this study will also provide the opportunity to explore what else is possible at this location and how a new facility could better integrate with the community. We at the Parking Authority believe that this potential redevelopment could play a pivotal role in the City’s future, and we are asking the public for their input on what they would like to see as part of a new Riverfront Garage and in the surrounding areas.”

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