Pro Bowl Linebacker Has Draft Advice For The Bears


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - DECEMBER 18: Justin Fields #1 of the Chicago Bears looks to pass against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first half at Soldier Field on December 18, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
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The Chicago Bears are getting some solid advice as they patiently await the 2023 NFL Draft.

This advice is coming from a Pro Bowl linebacker who recently spoke about what the Bears should do with their draft pick.

His viewpoint is something fans can agree with, even though this player isn’t a part of the Bears franchise.

So which NFL Pro Bowl linebacker is giving the Bears’ front office some wise advice?


Micah Parsons Feels The Bears Should Build Around Justin Fields

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons had an interesting answer to a tweet by Dan Orlovsky.

When Orlovsky asked his question about Justin Fields and 2023 draft candidate Bryce Young, Parsons voiced his option on the matter.

Instead of using the number one pick on Young, Parsons feels the smart move is for the Bears to “go above and beyond to build around Justin.”

The advice is solid for the Bears, and if they don’t take it, Parsons will be “shocked.”

While the path for the Bears in the 2023 NFL Draft is still unclear, they at least hold all the cards.

Trading back makes sense for them, and Parsons, as it will give them capital to build around their current quarterback.

While the Bears can still shock the world and draft a quarterback, they already have a quarterback who is learning their system.

Ditching him will only prolong their current rebuild.

With him making improvements, he’s just a couple key players away from turning the franchise around.

Taking that away from him will shock Parsons and the NFL world in 2023.

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