Polling shows ‘overwhelming’ support of new NY minimum wage


NEW YORK (NEWS10) — According to Raise Up New York, more than three-quarters of New Yorkers are in favor of the Raise the Wage Act, which would raise the state’s minimum wage to more than $20 by 2026. Raise Up New York says roughly 76% of New Yorkers support a $21.25 minimum wage in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island, and $20 upstate by 2026. The polling information comes following the release of a Data for Progress statewide poll.

“The polling shows off-the-charts, 80% support for a $20+ minimum wage in New York – including 65% of Republicans, and super-high majorities across upstate and Long Island,” said Tal Frieden, spokesperson for Raise Up NY. “It highlights how, with consumers being slammed by the highest inflation in 40 years, voters across the spectrum know workers need a LOT more than $15 an hour – and are demanding that Governor Hochul and the legislature act.”

Regions throughout New York showed support for the legislation, including those outside of NYC. According to Raise Up New York, 76% support it while 19% oppose it statewide, 78% support it in the Finger Lakes while 17% oppose it, 63% of Long Islanders support it while 31% oppose it, 88% in Mid-Hudson support it while 5% oppose, 79% of New York City residents support it while 18% oppose, and in Western New York, 63% support while 34% oppose. Raise Up New York also says that 86% of democrats who took part in the polling support the legislation, while 77% of independents are in support, and 60% of Republicans are in support as well.

“When Albany has a bill before it that is as widely popular as the Raise the Wage Act, it would be irresponsible not to act on it,” said State Senator Jessica Ramos, chair of the Senate Committee on Labor. “New Yorkers have made it abundantly clear that cost of living is top of mind, so I am hoping to hear the Governor back our efforts to give working families a raise in tomorrow’s State of the State.”

Back in 2016, New York was the first state to adopt a $15 minimum wage. As of January 2023, roughly 50 cities and counties, and two states, have wages that exceed $15 an hour, with others on the cusp of having minimum wages surpass more than $17 or $18 an hour, according to Raise Up New York.

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