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In a patent that Google had filed in June earlier this year with the World Intellectual Property Organization for their upcoming foldable phone, and which was published just recently, it has been observed that their foldable device’s horizontal inward folding design is comparable to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Pixel Notepad, Google’s first foldable phone will have an ultra micro hole camera and 7.58-inch main display (2)

The foldable from Google has been named the Pixel Notepad although, leaks and rumours have referred to it as the Pixel Fold. Although the Google Pixel Notepad appears to have a bigger bezel in the patent illustration, the actual appearance ought to be better.

Google foldable phone patent.#Google #PixelFold

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Furthermore, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4’s under-the-screen camera implementation, Google Notepad’s patent shows that the folding screen of the phone houses the selfie camera in the top bezel. According to the patent, the flexible screen’s bezel will have a camera with a moving aperture, which, may be the first of its kind in a foldable device. 

On August 5, a leak surfaced which disclosed that the Google Pixel folding screen projector will resemble the OPPO Find N from the front and the Google Pixel 7 from the rear. 

The device will be relatively compact with a huge screen that folds inward horizontally and will have a complete screen without holes on the inner screen, along with a micro-perforated camera on the inner screen bezel. The outer screen will have a single hole in the middle. 

As per previous leaks, the Google Pixel Notepad foldable is supposed to have a short and broad body and a 5.8-inch external screen. The Pixel Notepad was reportedly going to have a 7.58-inch main display which would be manufactured by Samsung Display. The phone will have three cameras: a 12.2-megapixel primary IMX363 camera, a 12-megapixel secondary IMX386 camera, and two 8-megapixel IMX355 selfie cameras.

The phone is now scheduled for a launch next spring and is slated to be priced at around $1400 when it launches. Although this would make the Pixel Fold substantially more expensive than the cheapest Pixel 6, as well as Pixel 7, it would still be about $400 cheaper than the cheapest Galaxy Z Fold 3 & the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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