Pittsfield is on the lookout for their holiday tree


PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) — Do you have the perfect tree that would look great as Pittsfield’s official holiday tree at Park Square? The city of Pittsfield’s Department of Community Development Recreation Program may need your help.

The City of Pittsfield is seeking out the perfect tree to be their official holiday tree. The tree must me a minimum height of approximately 30 feet, have “superior shape,” easy access to cut down, plenty of room around it for a safe fall, and easy transport. Those who think their tree would be perfect can contact Becky Manship, Pittsfield’s Recreation and Special Events Coordinator, no later than November 4 at (413) 499-9371, or can email the department at

Once the perfect tree has been picked, cutting and installation of the tree at Park Square will be scheduled shortly after the tree has been selected.

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