Pistons Rookie Enjoys The Perks Of Stardom

NBA commissioner Adam Silver (L) and Jaden Ivey pose for photos after Ivey was drafted with the 5th overall pick by the Detroit Pistons during the 2022 NBA Draft at Barclays Center on June 23, 2022 in New York City.
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Jaden Ivey is the newest addition to the Detroit Pistons and he has a lot to prove.

He also has fans of the team very excited because he shows a lot of promise and Detroit needs as much of that as possible.

Ivey hasn’t officially played a regular season NBA game but he has already gotten a taste of the spotlight of the professional league – kind of.

Ivey is one of the playable characters in the new NBA 2K23 video game and his reaction to witnessing the digital version of himself is classic.

“Seeing myself in 2k really crazy I ain’t going to lie…like wow,” Ivey said on Twitter.

It really must be wild to see yourself in a video game – but Ivey should get used to this new way of life because his world is about to get a whole lot crazier.


Living Up To The Hype

Ivey ended up being the fifth pick in the 2022 draft and immediately got people talking.

The former Purdue player is obviously very special.

He is a 6-foot-4 guard who moves with serious speed and can obviously find his way around the court in the blink of an eye.

During his time at Purdue, he greatly improved his jump shooting abilities too, which means that he’s a threat for several reasons now.

Following the draft, many Detroit followers got excited about acquiring Ivey.

And some NBA analysts claimed that he might end up being the best selection from this rookie class and could easily be in the running for Rookie of the Year next season.

Ivey is set to break out in a big way on the Pistons.

The team has been suffering for years, even after landing last year’s number one pick Cade Cunningham.

They still need a bit more before they are terrific but they are getting there with Ivey on board.

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