Phillies Fans Will Never Forget A Legendary Bryce Harper Moment

The Philadelphia Phillies lost the World Series to the Houston Astros in six games.

However, if we analyze each team’s performance any given season using just how far they got, we would be making a mistake.

Numbers are awesome, as are results.

However, baseball is thrilling moments, emotion, hearing the crowd roar, mounting a rally, getting an impossible victory, and achieving what we thought was extremely unlikely.

The best moments in baseball, for a fan base, don’t necessarily have to be tied with winning the World Series.

In this case, for the Phillies, their top moment of the season probably came in the National League Championship Series against the San Diego Padres.

The Padres had gotten the lead late in Game 5, as they looked to get their second win of the series.

The formidable Robert Suarez (who just got a five-year, $46 million deal so yes, he’s good) was on the mound trying to protect the Padres’ one-run lead, with no outs and a runner on base.

After a tough at-bat, Harper belted an improbable home run to left field in Citizens Bank Park to flip the score in the bottom of the eighth.

A Historic Home Run

As you can imagine, the venue went nuts.

“Might get tired of watching this at-bat one day. Some day. Maybe. Well. Uh. Okay. Probably not. Nope. Never gonna get tired of it. Legitimate #Phillies history,” Phillies Bell tweeted.

The Phils ended up winning and going to the World Series later that night.

The account is right: it’s legitimate Phillies history.

The franchise has won mutliple World Series and has had some great players throughout history.

However, Harper’s home run is right up there with any specific play made by someone in a Phillies uniform.


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