Path of cheese winds through Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This weekend, are you looking for something gouda to do? Have some cheddar to spend? If a lack of plans has you bleu (like the cheese) there’s something going on across Washington County, and it fits the theme.

The Washington County Cheese Tour with Wine, Beer and Cider is coming this weekend, connecting seven locations across the rural county. Four of them are united by a passion for delicious, local cheese – and the other three are there to make sure all that decadence doesn’t leave you too parched.

“Knock on wood, we’ve never had a rained-out weekend – it’s always been sunny and lovely,” said Angela Miller, President of the Washington County Cheesemakers Guild and owner of Consider Bardwell Farms. “People just love driving around Washington County. They discover things they can think about and talk about.”

The tradition goes back 15 years, creating a map of cheesemakers that has since also come to include drinkmakers around the region. This year, one of them – Tiashoke Farm of Easton – is new to the festivities. The farm’s eight cows supply milk to Cabot Cheese Company, and it’s Cabot cheeses that will be on their menu.

The full list includes:

  • Dancing Ewe Farm
    • Cheese, meet local sheep, enjoy small plate dining
    • 181 County Route 12, Granville
  • Slyboro Ciderhourse
    • Cider pairings and tasting flights
    • 18 Hicks Road, Granville
  • Consider Bardwell Farm
    • Cheeses, hay rides, live music and dining
    • 1333 Vt. Route 153, West Pawlet, VT (farm extends into New York)
  • R.S. Taylor & Sons
    • Brewery tours and tasting flights
    • 3602 County Route 30, Salem
  • Argyle Cheese Farmer
    • Cheeses, fairy tours, small plate dining
    • 2358 Burgoyne Ave., Hudson Falls
  • Victory View Vineyard
    • Vineyard tours and tasting flights
    • 11975 State Route 40, Schaghticoke
  • Tiashoke Farm
    • Cheeses, baby calves, hay rides and pumpkins
    • 11822 State Route 40, Schaghticoke

Each location welcomes bluegrass and other local music, giving visitors something to stop and spend some time there for. Many people split the full tour across two days, staying at local hotels across the county’s small communities. Every cheesemaker will have free bites up for offer, and more cheese to sell – but the experience as a whole is free.

“I get emailed all the time, is it a paid event? No. You can come taste cheese at my place, take a free hay ride, and you don’t have to pay a dime,” Miller said.

The cheese tour also collects donations for Greenwich-based nonprofit Comfort Food Community. The organization provides food to communities around the county in need of a food pantry.

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