Participation of private entities can revolutionise space sector: PM Modi

Terming the entry of private entities into the space sector as a revolution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the industry is all set to be powered by the strength of government space institutions and the passion of private companies. This would take India’s space programme to greater heights.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe) headquarters in Ahmedabad on Friday, the PM said till now private players were considered only vendors for the sector and the government used to work with them on projects- basis, as per requirement.

“But now onward, there wouldn’t be any roadblock for private companies. The government system will not work as a wall. Even if those companies, start-ups, and scientists which are not in the government set up will be able to work in the space industry,” said Modi, adding that it would be a loss for the nation if talents are stopped from working for the space sector.

IN-SPACEe has the capability to bring big revolution in the industry. PM said IN-SPACe stands for space, pace, and ace as it gives opportunity to youth

and the best minds of India to showcase their talent. “IN- SPACe is open for everyone, whether working in the government or the private sector. Only big ideas create winners. By reforming the space sector and supporting private players, the country is launching a brand-new campaign,” he added.

The government’s endeavour will be to create an atmosphere of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ for the private sector, so that they can provide an ‘Ease of Living’ environment to the people of India, he said. In 21st century, space-tech will become an important base for a big revolution as it is not only going to become technology for distant space but personal space also, said Modi, adding that space technology will be more prevalent in every walk of life for a common man right from agriculture, urban planning, soil testing etc.

“Many people doubted us when we mooted the idea of bringing private participation in the space industry. But to the surprise of everyone, already more than 60 firms, start-ups and companies have emerged in the space-tech segment on global platforms. In the coming days, space and sea would be the most important sectors for the development of human beings,” he added.

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