Panthers Analyst Ends Talk Of A QB Competition

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The Carolina Panthers‘ trade for Baker Mayfield is an act of desperation.

Their depth chart at quarterback is shallow and they needed to bring someone better than who they already had.

Say what you want but Mayfield improves the team’s winning chances more than Sam Darnold and P.J. Walker.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Matt Corral will unseat Mayfield from the starting role.

Despite the alleged competition between Darnold and Mayfield for the top quarterback job, the former Oklahoma standout has already won the duel.

After all, he has already led the Cleveland Browns to a playoff appearance and his work ethic is second to none.

His game does have limitations, but you’d rather have him than Darnold during clutch moments.

Therefore, any semblance of competition between them is a hoax because there is already a clear winner.

Locked on Panthers host Julian Council tweeted, “Don’t get it twisted, the Panthers didn’t trade for Baker Mayfield to start Sam Darnold Week 1. It’s the Baker Show…at least for 2022.”

He does have a point because there’s no need to bring Mayfield in if they are satisfied with Darnold.

But to be fair, they will give both quarterbacks an equal opportunity to win that role.

However, the top spot will already go to Mayfield because he is a better option than Darnold, bar none.


Mayfield Must Develop Chemistry With His Teammates On Offense

Perhaps building a relationship with Robby Anderson should be his priority.

The wide receiver blasted the possibility of Mayfield playing for the Panthers.

However, he explained himself that he was merely defending his quarterback.

Aside from Anderson, Mayfield must also develop a strong bond with Terrace Marshall Jr. and D.J. Moore.

There’s also Christian McCaffrey, who hopes to return to full health.

Mayfield has a decent squad to work with and he can deliver more victories for the Panthers.

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