OMH to hold Annual suicide prevention conference

NEW YORK STATE (NEWS10) — The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) will begin hosting the annual suicide prevention conference, titled “Fostering Connection Across the Lifespan,” tomorrow on September 20. The conference is free and virtual, is a three day event, and will bring together internationally recognized experts to summarize the latest suicide prevention science.

“The theme for this year’s conference speaks to the importance of social connections and the experience of having a sense of belonging and feeling close to others,” said OMH commissioner Dr. Ann Sullivan. “Studies show this sense of connection – from childhood and throughout our entire lives – is one of the most important factors in not just mental health but also our physical health.”

“Our annual suicide prevention conference always serves as a great opportunity to bring leading suicide prevention experts together to discuss the latest science and important issues facing suicide prevention,” said Jay Carruthers, the Director of OMH’s Suicide Prevention Center. “Past attendees left the conference with new and valuable suicide prevention resources they brought back to their families, organizations, schools and communities to help make New Yorker safer and healthier. This year we have a fantastic lineup of internationally recognized experts for what will be the largest-attended conference we’ve ever hosted. It’s clear that thousands of New Yorkers are interested in learning about social connectedness and its importance to our health.”

Governor Kathy Hochul deemed September to be Suicide Prevention Month in New York State, and unveiled the plan for the Suicide Prevention Conference at the same announcement. More than 20 experts, including clinicians, researchers and service providers will participate in this year’s conference. 

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