NYS GOP discuss 2023 legislative agenda


ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — At the Capitol on Monday, Senate Republicans discussed their plans for the 2023 legislative agenda. “Today New York is less safe, today New York is less affordable, today New York has less opportunities than it did just four years ago,” said Senator Jack Martins.

Republicans said the same issues that existed last year continue to persist: affordability and public safety taking the lead which must be addressed to prevent more people from leaving New York. “The outflow of people leaving New York has continued, we’ve lost congressional representation, we’ve lost clout in Washington D.C. And anybody in this chamber, anybody in this building, if they are not doing anything to change the outflow of migration then they are part of the problem,” said Senate Minority Leader Ortt.

And when it comes to affordability, Republicans want to enforce a two percent state spending cap. They said in two years the state’s budget went from $192B to $220B. “Our budget is larger than Texas and Florida combined. So unless suddenly the Texas and Florida legislature is here doing the budget, I don’t think the budgets gonna be restrained by my colleagues across the aisle so I think that’s why we have to have a law, something that forces them to adhere to some kind of fiscal restraint. 

For years republicans have said the rise in crime is directly related to bail reform. Senator Jack Martins weighing in. “This program that we’ve proposed today would make New York safer. It will allow judges discretion and sentencing criminals and holding them accountable. It will focus on removing illegal guns from our streets,” said Senator Martins. Lawmakers also discussed infrastructure,  expanding parental rights, and providing more mental health resources to alleviate crime.

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