NFL Insider Reveals Randy Moss’ Replacement At ESPN

ESPN analyst Randy Moss discusses before the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on October 14, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss had a profound impact on NFL culture with the term “Mossed.”

It’s still popular that he still does a segment called “You Got Mossed” on ESPN, the network he joined in 2016.

It helped him connect to the football audience, even those who weren’t able to see him dominate in the league.

However, he will fewer responsibilities within the network after signing a new contract.

NFL insider Dov Kleiman tweeted, “ESPN is replacing Randy Moss on Monday Night Football Countdown with former NFL QB RGIII, according to @AndrewMarchand. Moss will remain on Sunday Night Countdown, the reduced role was his own preference.”

It was Moss who preferred to have less airtime because the travel between Sunday and Monday can be taxing.

He has to fly to Bristol, Connecticut to prepare for Sunday Night Countdown before doing the show.

Then he has to travel to wherever the Monday Night Football game is before going home.

Instead, Moss preferred to concentrate on ESPN’s coverage of Sunday football.

Therefore, his diehard fans need not feel sad because they will still get to see the legend once a week during football season.


Griffin Is Doing Well In His Second Career

Meanwhile, Griffin has been impressive in his time with the network and they want to give him more exposure.

Doing television work is also right down his alley because he pursued a Master’s in communication degree at Baylor University in 2011.

Griffin stated recently that he is not shutting the door on potentially continuing his playing career.

But with this latest development, it might take time before he wears the pads and uniform again.

However, this could also be an indication that he should focus on his sportscasting career instead.

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