NFL Insider Discusses The League’s Questionable Suspension History

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses the media on February 09, 2022 at the NFL Network's Champions Field at the NFL Media Building on the SoFi Stadium campus in Inglewood, California.
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The hearing regarding Deshaun Watson’s potential suspension is the hottest topic in the NFL right now.

Retired federal judge Sue Anderson will be the neutral disciplinary officer that will hear both sides before making a decision.

The league argues that the Pro Bowl quarterback should be suspended indefinitely, starting from the entire 2022 season.

They will present the cases of the five women who filed charges against Watson to build their case.

Meanwhile, the NFL Players Association is on Watson’s side and they are trying to reduce or banish the suspension.

They brought in Jeffrey Kessler who has also worked with Tom Brady during the Deflategate scandal.

Since Kessler will deliver precedent-based arguments, CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson stated some previous issues that Watson’s camp could use to their favor.

Anderson tweeted, “Per Forbes, Daniel Snyder’s net worth is $4B. The NFL fined Snyder $10M after investigating his workplace culture–representing 0.25% of his worth. Per yahoo, Robert Kraft faced no discipline after misdemeanor prostitution charges were dropped. Relevant to the Watson’s case.”

Snyder’s alleged toxic workplace culture involves the unfair treatment of women employees.

Unfortunately, the fine that he had to pay is chump change from his vast fortune.

Likewise, Kraft was let go easily without any sanctions.


Owners Get A Free Pass

Sadly, NFL owners yield a strong power over the league.

They have the privilege to banish any issue they are facing.

That’s why Snyder could not care less even if the House Oversight Committee handed him a subpoena.

It remains to be seen if those situations will trickle down to the decision regarding Watson’s suspension.

But given the sheer number of cases he had to settle, it’s hard to deny that those incidents of sexual misconduct did happen.

Therefore, the safe bet is that Watson will be suspended, be it for an entire season or for a number of games.

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