NFL Fans React To A Jacoby Brissett Snub


Quarterback Jacoby Brissett #7 of the Cleveland Browns runs with the ball against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on October 23, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)


Earlier today, the NFL announced that Tyler Huntley is replacing Josh Allen in this year’s Pro Bowl.

Whenever an alternate like this is announced, it is typically met with scrutiny, as the process for choosing alternates seems arbitrary, at least to fans.

After the announcement, fans have been banging the table for Jacoby Brissett, as they believe him to be a much more worthy alternate.

During the regular season, Brissett threw for almost 2,000 more yards than Huntley, along with ten more touchdowns.

Why Huntley was selected is a question that many NFL fans are demanding an answer to.

This fan brings up an interesting point.

While many are angry with the result of Huntley’s selection as the alternate, there is an additional nuance to this situation that hasn’t been considered.

Perhaps, Brissett was selected, but he respectfully declined, which is why Huntley got the nod.

We’re not necessarily saying that this happened, but, it is a definite possibility.

Now, it’s not just Brissett that got snubbed.

As the above tweet mentions, 13 quarterbacks had a better season than Huntley, at least from a statistical angle.

Yet, Huntley was chosen for the Pro Bowl.

Sure, Brissett was assuredly snubbed, but the fact that 13 different, arguably better quarterbacks than Huntley were passed over is something that fans won’t soon forget.

With this drama aside for a moment, the NFL has made marked strides toward improving the Pro Bowl.

Whether Brissett partakes in the festivities or not, the Pro Bowl could be watchable for the first time in many years.

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