NFL Analyst Notes An Elite Budding Rivalry


Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals looks on against the Buffalo Bills during the third quarter in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Highmark Stadium on January 22, 2023 in Orchard Park, New York.
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)


The NFL should be thrilled with the outlook of the AFC for many years to come.

Not only are there star quarterbacks all over, but they are all young players as well.

Two teams that are set up for the next great rivalry are the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals.

These two teams have met in the last two AFC Championship Games, with them splitting the matchups.

One reason for the budding rivalry is the two quarterbacks.

The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and the Bengals have Joe Burrow, and you could argue they are the two best in the NFL.

Over the past two seasons, the Bengals have had a 3-1 advantage over the Chiefs in regular season and postseason matchups.

You can tell NFL fans are buying into this rivalry as well.

These two teams are full of trash talk between each other as well.

It is clear they do not like one another and that has stemmed from all the tough matchups over the past two years.

Kansas City has been the top dog in the AFC for the past five seasons.

As they have made five straight AFC Championship Games.

That is what the Bengals are hoping to achieve as well, and each year these teams are poised to do battle.

This rivalry is great for the NFL.

Over the past decade, the AFC had Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Now they have Mahomes and Burrow.

There are still plenty of other good quarterbacks and teams in the AFC.

But, until someone can knock Kansas City or Cincinnati off, they are the cream of the crop.

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