NBA Legend Has Advice For Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers leaves the court after the game against the Detroit Pistons at Little Caesars Arena on November 21, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan.
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There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers belong to LeBron James.

James is the biggest name in basketball and one of the most popular, successful, and greatest NBA stars of all time, therefore he’s going to be the lead player for any team he is a part of.

But he isn’t alone.

There are a few big names on the Lakers’ roster and an iconic NBA legend feels it’s time one of them steps up.

Kevin Garnett was talking about the future of the Lakers and said Anthony Davis needs to start taking lead of the team.

“It’s his turn to carry the torch,” Garnett said of the three-time block champion and eight-time All-Star.

Garnett isn’t the only one who feels that Davis needs to take more control of LA.

This is a suggestion that has been relayed again and again – but will Davis and the team listen?


AD In The Lead

2022-23 will be Davis’ fourth year with the Lakers and his time in the City of Angels has been decidedly mixed.

Since coming over from the New Orleans Pelicans, Davis and the team have found great success (they won the Finals in 2019-20) and great disappointment (all of last season, for example).

Davis has been a mixed bag too, his output hampered by multiple major injuries that have kept him under 50 games for the last two seasons.

Even when healthy, many fans have felt that Davis has repeatedly deferred to James and never taken on a leadership role.

There will come a time when the Lakers belong to Davis because James will likely retire before him.

Therefore, it makes sense that he learns to lead it now.

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