NBA Commissioner Comments On Kevin Durant’s Trade Request

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets walks backcourt during a game against the Chicago Bulls at United Center on January 12, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
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It seems like everyone is talking about Kevin Durant‘s desire to depart the Brooklyn Nets.

Everyone who follows the NBA is closely watching the situation and following every lead, rumor, and wild speculation.

And even people who aren’t basketball fans are curious about where Durant lands.

Someone who has an opinion on the matter is NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Silver, who is currently meeting with the NBA Board of Governors in Las Vegas, had a few words about Durant’s demand to skip out on the Nets four years before his contract expires.

Silver said, “We don’t like to see players requesting trades…I would love the focus to be on play.”

Additionally, Silver said that the league was looking into “remedies” related to players requesting trades early into their contracts.

Should the NBA get involved in these sort of situations or should they allow teams, agents, and players to work it out themselves?


KD’s Trade Drama

There are many people who feel that Durant is treating Brooklyn unfairly.

That’s because he is barely into his new contract with the Nets and is still looking to ditch them.

Shouldn’t his signature and agreement count for something?

Shouldn’t he be forced to stay?

Meanwhile, other people think that Durant should have the right to tell his team he wants to leave if he’s really unhappy with them.

This is a business matter, people say, and the NBA shouldn’t get involved in solving a team’s business matters.

If and when Durant gets his way, it could encourage other players to abandon their contracts even if they signed them only a short while ago.

This could definitely create more chaos in the league and you can understand why the NBA would be concerned about that.

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