Multiple bear sightings in Bethlehem



BETHLEHEM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Bethlehem Police Department (BPD) has advised residents in a Facebook post that a bear has been sighted by multiple people in town. Residents should use caution if walking in that area and should keep dogs on a leash.

Officials said at this time of year, bear sightings are not uncommon. Bears are looking to feed, and are particularly fond of bird feeders, picnic baskets, and trash.

What they aren’t fond of is people and pets, which is a good thing they added. A bear would normally run away when it sees YOU.

If you see the bear, please do not approach. The public should be aware of some safety tips if confronted with a wild animal.

  • Do not feed wild animals, and keep your trash cans secured if possible.
  • Do not attempt to approach a wild animal.
  • If the bear has not detected you, keep as much distance away from it as possible.
  • If the bear doesn’t run away, call the BPD on their non-emergency line at (518) 439-9973.

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